Worst. Disney Knock-off. Ever! Worst. Disney Knock-off. Ever!
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Worst. Disney Knock-off. Ever!

I have no-idea what this really is. Is it really a Chinese Mickey Mouse knock-off? Or is it from that Beijing Amusement Park we wrote about here? Prepare for five minutes of horror:

(Thanks, Robert G. Schaad)

  • Degeaffusunuman

    Hasn’t this been posted here before?

  • Degeaffusunuman – It’s so hilariously bad I couldn’t help posting it. If I did post it before, I couldn’t find the link.

  • Mantichore

    Why Chinese? It says right from the start this was made in 2006 in Valencia (Spain). It is rather hideous, though.

  • Donald Benson

    I’ll venture a guess that this was created as a bunch of bumpers to run in a variety or satirical show; thus the long takes of the mouse just talking to the camera and brief, repetitious visuals. Somebody thought they had the next Terry Gilliam.

    The mock Disney title card and the entire soundtrack seem to have been added by somebody else. Maybe it was an animator’s sample reel that a prospective client decided to unleash on the world.

  • Andre

    Well, in a certain way we may say it’s ground breaking. LOL



  • amid

    We’ve posted something similar, but I don’t recall this specific Mickey being posted. Anybody know for sure?

  • Neil

    Yeahm it’s definitely the same video from that old post – I should know, I liked the thing enough to download it for posterity last time round.

  • John

    It may have been on Reddit, but I have sat through this before, my word how it hurts…

  • Mike Joffe

    Man, that’s not Chinese. That’s by insane youtube animator Doctor Legua. I think he’s from Spain or something, nobody knows for sure. That’s not even the creepiest thing he’s done.

  • VonLog

    i’m scared…

  • Adam

    It has been posted before,it’s still seared into my brain last time.

  • Doofus

    I’ve seen this before. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • I can tell exactly what this is. It was created using a program called IClone, which can be located at http://www.reallusion.com/iClone/.

    Essentially, IClone provides some base figures that can be further manipulated using sliders to exagerate certain characteristics. All the animation in the Mickey Mouse clip was generated using MoCap actions that come with the program.

    The technology is actually pretty fun to play with, as long as your expectations aren’t too high.

  • Bob

    That makes me laugh more than the actual mickey mouse cartoons. What kills me the most are those thigh tight bike shorts ROTFL!!!!!!!

  • Hans W.

    Best Mickey Mouse ever. Period.

  • Em

    Oh my word, that is terrifying. His eyes!

  • uncle wayne

    omg! My flapjacks just flipped!

  • It’s like some kind of weird avant garde art.

  • Wow… At least use IK on the feet…

  • Danny R. Santos

    Gees Louise, where did you find this thing, it is Atrocious!!!:{

  • Paul N

    Hee hee hee – “Battle Armor Mickey.” Love it!

  • Who cares. Anything else newsworthy in the field of animation?


  • Tom Minton

    Doctor Legua is the Les Elton of CGI.

  • This is awesome – Especially the cat on horse and the dancing guerrillas.

  • Katella Gate

    Horrifying. Truly a stinker in every sense of the word. But I just saw the “Gummibear” song last night for the first time, so I was ready for it.

  • I’ve seen severed, writhing lizard tails that were more appealing and lifelike. Geez.

  • uncle wayne

    it broguth to mind that (archaic) “baby-dancing” animation on everyone’s computers yesteryears ago! Remeber him?

  • OMG! Mickey is trying to tell me something. It could be very important! I tried to read his lips, but I can’t decipher the message. What is it? What??

  • vzk

    That’s not Mickey Mouse, it’s Bill Clinton!

  • Jonah Sidhom

    lol @ 2:05-2:25.

    I would check out the site Pierre Fontaine posted, but if it produced something like this, I’m almost afraid it will give me a virus.

  • Dapper Jim

    So now the brewers are having a slight senior moment and don’t remember posting this in the past? Hah.

    In a more adequate note, this is indeed a demo from Spain. If you look beyond the fuglyness of this, you will see all the different transitions done for this. The stop-mo puppets also look like something they where testing for…

    The dancing scene, wouldn’t you say that it could be used for actual footage and a 3D publicity Render for an ad? Or a parody? I can see most of the footage tested being just that, tests for a small TV Station (Imagine one of your local channels).

    Thats just me, I dont know why we would even bother at the brew to post reposts (Unless everyday is a repost day).

  • Ridgecity

    Actually, this piece is called “Mickey Sensibility” by Andy Warhol.

    I really like how Mickey dances with the monkey, is it salsa?

  • I had to laugh when he did his little skip jump in the air. Walt would be spinning in his cryogenic capsule if he knew.

  • He looks like the bastard son of Mickey Mouse and Jay Leno!

  • Mike Lucy

    This screams mocap. Terrible on many levels

  • i dont know about you, but i love this stuff. purely artistic, in a sad, sadistic/masochistic, acid-trippy sorta way

  • Stumped

    Scary, yet I can’t keep my eyes off of it. Btw Jerry, where does it say it’s Chinese made?

  • Stumped

    Oh nvm, who ever uploaded it on youtube said that. My bad.

  • Kill it, kill it now before it’s tolate !!!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Yeah I remember seeing this a few years back and wanted to erase that out of my head!

  • My eyes are BURNING!!!!!

  • Stumped – The person who posted this in YOU TUBE (not I) labeled it “Chinese Mickey Mouse”. I simply asked if it’s really such a thing. Here’s the original YOU TUBE page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwNrPcWT540

  • Well, at least he’s not encouraging little kids to kill Jews this time. That’s probably the only good thing you can say about this piece.

  • Robert Schaad

    Intentionally terrible? That’s the big question. ;)~

  • Michelle

    Color it blue and it might resemble what Zemickis has in mind for Yellow Submarine….

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That’s OK if you didn’t know Jerry. Too many YouTubers have the IQ of a blender not to know where things came from and just assume based on rumors or scant information someone told them.

  • George

    Why am I not surprised that this version of Mickey would direct Polar Bear Porn…

  • Tragic.

  • Well you all must have never seen Bible School Musical. Think this but an extra 2 hours.

  • H park

    Hey, we’re getting annoyed about how Chinese copy off Mickey Mouse now? Everyone has done that before internet age and that’s nothing new, people. Wait few decades and those copycats come up with their own characters in their own right that could rival Disney characters. Internet is sometimes an annoyance , but it’s the reality.

  • yes! my dreams have become a reality.

  • Colin

    Perfection doesn’t come overnight. We must all remember it takes time to achieve this level of greatness… http://www.freakyflickers.com/showtime.htm

  • William Wallace

    Minnie is saying “you never really loved me”…………….couldn’t DC sue?

  • keez

    Has anyone got these archived? the original author deleted them all, he had Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny ones that were just as creepy.
    This one is the only one left.

  • Yeah you guys posted this a couple years ago, because then I made a blog post about hating motion capture, and included an image of that Mickey in this intentionally bad photoshop.


  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Ugly AND pointless … buries the needle on the WTF-ometer. Gave up on or about the 2:55 mark where Mutant Mouse is doing his kung fu moves and his arms disjoint and even disappear momentarily. At the risk of sounding paranoid, nothing is this bad by accident.

  • Keith Paynter

    “No, I’m a totally original creation, just like ‘Rickey Rouse or Ronald Ruck!”

    Still, better mo-cap than “The Polar Express”!

  • Roland

    “Ronald Ruck” must be Scooby Doo’s retarded mallard pal. That right there is worth nine more crappy direct to DVDs from Warners.

  • Lucy

    I wish I’d had my camera on, so I could have captured what I could only assume was a look of terror as I watched this….

    David Lynch presents Mickey Mouse.

  • Memo to the CIA:

    Forget waterboarding. Hire Dr. Legua instead.


  • vzk

    “lol @ 2:05-2:25.”

    Speaking of which, anyone know what song are they playing during that scene? I cannot get it out of my head!

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s back!

    Oh yes indeed, you posted this back in 2007. Then the YouTube link was removed, so I am so excited to see it again! It IS the worst thing ever and what a treasure it is because of that. The dancing babies and monkeys..and of course the wedding at the end! WOW.


  • street

    its only slightly worse than Robert Zemeckis’ abominations..

  • the music lover

    vzk asked,”Speaking of which, anyone know what song are they playing during that scene? I cannot get it out of my head!”

    I know that song. It is called ‘levan polkka’, sung by Loituma.

  • Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Gorilla Man, Baboon Kid, and Cat Horse Rider all rendered in stunning VIRTUAL REALITY…I need to see a demo reel by whoever created this. Capitol A Awesome.

    On a side note, if one of my students turned submitted something of equal awesomeness I would give them an A. Maybe an A+ if there was more Cat Horse Rider…

  • Kristjan

    This, guy who made that video should be sued by Disney for trademark in fragment.

  • PaddoC

    What’s really disturbing to me is that a human being actually took the time to create this.