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“Chop Kick Panda”?

Spotted at Best Buy this weekend: Chop Kick Panda. I have no idea what this is, but a clip on You Tube (embed below) doesn’t seem so bad – looks like a rejected Cartoon Network pilot (and I mean that as a compliment). Anyone know who’s responsible?

(Thanks, Brian Lonanao)

  • Valentin Moretto

    Certainly not Video Brinquedo.

    • TheBandSnapsBack

      Nojo on the Video Brinqedo tonight-o!

  • Wait, I’m confused. Why is the cover done in CGI and the actual footage in flash? Kinda confusing.

    • It´s not 3d I think it´s just an illustration, what is confusing tho, is why the heck is the concept of the cover so close to Kung Fu Panda? so that GrandMa ,who doesn´t know shit about animation, buys his grandson that book thinking that she is getting him the KungFu Panda colouring book?

      Anyways has anyone here seen Stephen Silver´s WILD ANIMAL FORCE?, I tried to look for images online but maybe DREAMWORKS took em down?

      • Book? I believe it’s a dvd. And far from confusing, that’s exactly why it looks like Kung Fu Panda, so Grandmas and innocent parents buy it. It’s hardly going to sell in direct competition with KFP on it’s own merits.

        So the main difference in design appears to be that this panda doesn’t wear pants.

    • Mike Cagle

      Interesting assumption. It could be done in gouache paint on illustration board for all you (we) know.

      • Animator Guy

        The panda was done in Flash, at Renegade, then submitted to the client. They had someone else do all the rest, as far as I know!

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    No comment.

  • snip2354

    A Cartoon Network. …….. pilot?

    I can only imagine how the conversation went with CN and the creator on scheduling a pitch for this.

  • secret animator….

    Renegade Animation in Glendale.

    • Animojojojo

      Although they animated it, they are not responsible for it’s creation… just a studio for hire.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Noticing what company put this out, it doesn’t surprise me (the successor to GoodTimes Entertainment essentially).

  • Clint H

    Well, at least the designs look nice.

    • That’s Peter Griffin as a panda, Clint. Even the body language reminds me of him.

  • Crime Pants

    What ever happened to originality?

  • I want to eat my eyes

  • Gray64

    Don’t cheap knock-offs and look-alikes always appear in the wake of big-name animated films? I’m reminded of when Disney came out with the Lion King and I immediately saw a film called The Jungle King show up at Blockbuster. Of course, many, perhaps with some justification, would call The Lion King a knock off and a look alike, but there were cheap-ass versions of Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Pocohontas too, to coincide with the Disney films. This Chop Kick Panda is clearly banking on Kung Fu Panda recognition.

    • Funkybat

      Heh, I remember getting one of those knockoff “Little Mermaid” videos as a gift when I was a kid. I had to balance my clear disappointment with trying to not completely offend the well-meaning family friend. I think I diplomatically explained, as best as I could, that this was not the “official” one, but I appreciated it anyway. Probably still have that tape buried somewhere…

      At least the “knockoff” cartoons are looking a lot better than they used to, might as well have some artistry if you are going to go this route.

      • I used to work in retail back in the 90s and constantly had to deal with people who wanted to return VHS tapes of those knockoff versions of Disney films.

      • Brad

        Some video stores even put up hand-lettered signs, saying “Not the Disney version.”

  • Wait… so the way Im understanding, with the way you wrote the blurb.. that you LIKE this?

    • Kelfeth

      Of course! It’s nether motion captured nor based on a toy line.

  • Joe

    It’s nice to see that Dial M for Monkey is finding work.

    • The Flea

      I was just going to say the same thing. ;)

  • Renegade Animation has worked on this? But… those guys are great! Well, I guess they have to live.

    But yeah,it doesn’t look good but I can see Jerry’s point. For a ‘plagiarist’ product it looks ok, compared to Video Brinquedo.

  • Sam

    Has anyone seen China’s attempt at Kung Fu animals too?

    • Daniel J. Drazen

      There’s also Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit, which is pretty impressive as well.

    • Sophie

      Did you see the evil panda? It looked like the panda from Kung Fu Panda. ( and Chop Kick Panda )

  • and he makes a cheap Dreamworks face in the cover!

  • Steven M.

    As rip-offs go, how more obvious can you get than this?

  • How could something that is so obviously ripping a concept get approved? And furthermore, fly beneath everyone’s radar long enough to make it to store shelves?

    • 2011 Adult

      Are senile grandmas that large a target audience for these things to keep being produced!?

      • mitten

        Historically speaking, isn’t it interesting how often animated films are mistaken for the knock-off. Like when the little mermaid was released in theaters, and so many people went out and purchased the japanese anime version with the same name. That release made no attempt at capitalizing on the disney version…people just bought it because it had the same name…the people buying the VHS couldn’t tell the difference. Now its a psychological market praying on people who are ignorant of things like real vs. fake.

  • wgan

    i have no problem with that panda whatsoever except for his(or her or its or whatever) green eyes, i mean you dont have to copy the color, right?

  • Neil

    Ah, a shameless knock-off—now the homage to Chinese culture is complete!

  • Bob Nelson

    There was a series from Ireland called Skunk Fu! that seemed to come out around the time of the first Kung Fu Panda (actually Wiki. says the show was around Sept 07
    till Sept 08, then went into reruns…and Kung Fu Panda premiered in June of 08.
    When I noticed it on TV I thought, hmm, knockoff? And KFP was in prod. for awhile…!

    • Johnny Burgess

      Thats a bit of a stretch considering the show aired before Kung Fu Panda even came out, and the show would have had to be in production even before that

      • Bob Nelson

        Though I would think Skunk Fu might not have taken as much time to be made…well who knows.

  • Bob Nelson,56812/

    The company that took over Good Times Entertainment, the folks who did their own version of Little Mermaid before the Disney version hit DVD

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I was reminding myself of the “Jetlag Productions” crop as well that GoodTimes released way back in ‘dem ninties bargain bins!

  • James E, Parten

    This kind of thing goes on all the time, and not just in animation.

    There’s a firm that calls itself “The Asylum” that lives to do knockoffs of anything that comes down the line from a bigger studio. When the big-budget “Sherlock Holmes” came out a year and a half ago, the Asylum was ready with a knockoff. When Disney announced plans to release a film based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars” stories, these birds were all ready with their knockoff version of “A Princess of Mars”, which was a long way after Burroughs. And when “Transformers” came out on the big screen, these folks were ready with–wait for it, wait for it–“Transmorphers”!

    I hadn’t heard of anything so shameless since Wyncote Records (a Cameo records drug-store budget subsidiary) put out a set of Back-mit-rhythm vocals as by “The Single Swingers”, to compete with Philips albums of “The Swingle Singers”.

  • Yes, I’ve seen many of these knock offs over the years. Sometimes they will do it even just before an older Disney movie gets a re-release, because I saw a ripoff of 101 Dalmations several years back but it sure wasn’t in 1961. This is done intentionally because kids will see promotional material for a big studio film and then the next thing they know they are at a supermarket and see something that, to them, looks like that “big Disney/Dreamworks movie” that’s just about to come out. But they are too young to know it’s a cheap ripoff and that there’s no way the real thing can be out on DVD yet so they cry at their parents or grandparents to get it for them. Generally it’s cheap enough that the progenitors, who may or may not know the difference themselves, will relent.

  • James Ciambor

    I’m a little surprised your complimenting this, it looks like a plagerised version of Kung-Fu Panda. I predict litigation will commence within the coming months. Than again their was copyright infringement case concerning Mickey Mouse and George Eastman and they are synonymous with the word legend.

    • Animator Guy

      There won’t be any litigation. This kinda thing has been happening for decades, and I think the company that owns this film (NOT Renegade) has some legal consultants to make sure they’re not crossing the line. Those of us that worked on the film rolled our eyes when the cover art of the panda submitted to the client came back painted over to make it look like it was 3D ala Kung Fu Panda. That was all their doing.

      What can you do? It’s work.

  • Jim Korkis

    With all the talk about “knock offs” how come no one has mentioned J.R. Bray’s “knock off” of McCay’s GERTIE THE DINOSAUR? It was done in cel animation, released a year after GERTIE and is often confused for McCay’s original….even to clips appearing on dcoumentaries about dinosaurs identifying it as McCay’s GERTIE. So this “confusion in the marketplace” to make a quick buck has been around since the beginning of animation.

  • CJ

    With a lot of the new shows on C being relatively good if not amazing; there’s good reason this show was aborted.

    • Animator Guy

      What “show”? There never was a show. It’s a 40-minute direct-to-DVD film. Jerry only remarked it “looked” like it was a pilot from CN. Nobody ever said it actually was a pilot.

  • AaronSch

    Many contemporary filmmakers also “learned their chops” making some pretty awful B movies. Ever see James Cameron’s “Piranha II?” …it’s a treat. At a minimum, I hope these knock-offs are at least giving some budding talent in animation work experience along with a paycheck.

  • Jim

    Haha! I saw this gem sitting RIGHT NEXT TO Kung Fu Panda at Walmart!

  • Tory

    I saw this at Wal-Mart and given the location of the disc by the big name DVDs next to Kung-Fu Panda, I thought it must be some sort of TV Special or video sequel or accompaniment to the new film. It is more misdirecting than those other copy cat’s, it is being put by the good DVDs, not the bargain bins and it looks so much like the real deal on the cover and even in the 2D animation, they really should be in some trouble.

  • Chris Pepin

    I’ve actually seen it and I enjoyed it. The DVD artwork is a bit shameless but the movie itself has very little in common with Kung Fu Panda other than the main character is a day dreaming panda who wants to be a warrior. Accept it for what it is and not what it isn’t. What it is is a fun 40 minutes with decent characters that don’t get on your nerves, some of the jokes are actually funny and the storyline actually makes coherent sense which is a plus.

    • Ryoku

      Alright, I accept it for being obviously influenced by Kung Fu Panda and perhaps an attempt to exploit his image over doing something original.