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“Looney Tunes: Mouse Chronicles”

Our friends at TVShowsOnDVD have reported on Warner Home Video’s plans to release Looney Tunes Mouse Chronicles on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. I guess that means it’s okay for me to discuss it here.

Because I’m involved as a consultant on certain Warner DVD projects, I have to sign a non-disclosure form preventing me from talking about them before the company makes them public (That said, I wish I could tell you about the stuff coming out later this year. Consider this a hint that some of the most sought after animation the company owns is headed to DVD and blu-ray within the next year).

This Mouse Chronicles set contains 2-discs and runs 133 minutes long, includes an all-new featurette (Of Mice and Pen) and audio commentary by several historians and animators. This collection began life as one of the series of Looney Tunes Super-Stars and was designed to showcase only Chuck Jones’ Hubie and Bertie and Sniffles cartoons. While some of these have already been released on previous collections, most of this material is new to video – and beautiful restored. The DVD & Blu-Ray come out on August 28th – $18.89 on Restored cartoon titles listed after the bump.

Sniffles Cartoons:
Naughty but Mice
Little Brother Rat
Sniffles and the Bookworm
Sniffles Takes a Trip
The Egg Collector
Bedtime for Sniffles
Sniffles Bells the Cat
Toy Trouble
The Brave Little Bat
The Unbearable Bear
Lost and Foundling
Hush my Mouse

Hubie and Bertie Cartoons:
The Aristo-Cat
Trap Happy Porky
Roughly Squeaking
House Hunting Mice
Mouse Wreckers
The Hypo-Chondri-Cat
Cheese Chasers

  • Sarah

    Why do I get the feeling Don Bluth used to watch the Sniffles cartoons and got the inspiration for Fievel from An American Tail?

  • Justin Weber

    The most sought after animation the company owns? Could this mean a complete MGM Tex Avery collection?

  • Schultz!!!!!

    Worth it for just the Hubie and Bertie cartoons alone. I’d like to see more Chuck Jones stuff – like all the Chuck Jones Bugs cartoons.

    • Hubie and Bertie are awesome. Yeah yeah, sure sure…

      • TheDirtyVicar


  • James

    Great news on the blu-ray releases. Hopefully this means that the Superstars line, if it is still going, will no longer be DVD-only.

    For those who aren’t aware, there is no blu-ray double dipping, but a. few from the previous Golden Collections

    I hope you are hinting at continuing plans for Popeye. The B&W shorts were handled well, but what about the the color Famous shorts? Is a blu-ray reboot not to far off in the future, since the B&W cartoons were likely already transferred in HD and hopefully the Famous shorts have been or are being restored.

  • KyeSight

    Will these shorts be on other sets?

    • James

      Hopefully not.

    • ColumbiaCartoons

      I can’t wait for Chuck Jones’ Inki and The Minah Bird to be beautifully HD restored, uncut and remastered with original titles, featurettes, commentaries, introduction by Whoopi Goldberg and many, many, many, many more – thanks a million!

  • JP

    I’m going to guess Jerry is hinting at a “Censored 11” release. (Although, personally, I wish a WB7 Arts with Cool Cat and friends would make the Superstars series.)

    @James (or anyone)… I was under the impression that the LT Blu-ray releases DID double dip enough to keep LT Golden Collection owners at bay (save only the hardcore completists).


    • James

      I was referring to HD double-dipping, as in, shorts that were already released in HD in the Platinum Collection. I expect all of the SD releases to be double dipped for Blu-ray eventually.

  • Aymanut

    Does anyone have guesses as to what Jerry might be talking about for these future releases?

  • Marc Gagnon

    I know from watching the documentary “Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics” that WB does indeed have hi-def masters of the Fleischer Superman cartoons. From the brief clips in that doc, they looked AMAZING. (You can only see the HD version On Demand though, it was never released on Blu-ray).

    I’d love to see those re-released on Blu.

    • Funkybat

      That sounds like a good bet, a re-release of these remastered for Blu-Ray would coincide well with the release of the next Superman theatrical feature.

    • I should have answered here directly, rather than at the bottom of the page: the Fleischer Superman cartoons have been released in HD: you can find them as bonus stuff on the Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology box set.

    • John Field

      Really doesn’t matter if Warners releases the Fleischer Superman toons in Hi Def. They have already tampered with the original versions. They hacked off the ending music and titles, replacing them with one generic ending. Why is that a problem? Because, each ending had it’s own unique music, different from each other. They have also repeated music cues and flipped scenes. Why? because they are public domain and they thought in order to re-copyright them, they made these changes. Fact is, Warners will never, I repeat NEVER release as they originally were.

  • Destin

    Minor typography nerd note: They’re using’s “Chicken Basket” typeface as a stand-in for Chuck Jones’ iconic signature. I assume they just wanted to evoke the autograph without running into trademark issues?

    Check out the font sample here:

  • Tony McCarson

    Jerry Beck & Leonard Maltin,

    I just want to say we give both of you, & your home video staff, our loving thank yous, for your hard-working talents & your strong research & restorations to produce the wonderful animation DVDs/MOD DVDs/Blu-Rays for TV/Film-loving Adults, Teens & Children of U.S.A. & the world.

    Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny & the great animated stars will always be known & remembered by new generations, & It’s all thanks to you both, Jerry & Leonard!

    your brave goodness will never be forgotten.
    Walt Disney, Friz Freleng, William Hanna & Joseph Barbera & the filmmakers of animation will be proud!

  • Billy Batz

    These are great! I liked the one with the little mouse or bat that thought a junk pile was a beautiful castle because he needed glasses.Go little cheeser!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Actually that was a Hugh Harman cartoon from MGM called “The Little Mole”, which was about a mole who saw a pile of junk as a castle.

      • Ryan

        I’ve been trying to remember what that cartoon was called for YEARS, thanks very much!

        It’s the one where he falls in a river at one point, right?

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Yep, and the mom comes out wondering where he’s been and finds him washed up on shore and assures him that his “fairy palace” is still there.

    • This might be one of the WB cartoons, but it is also the story in the MGM Harman/Ising cartoon, The Little Mole.

  • droosan

    New to DVD, maybe .. but not to ‘video’; all of these cartoons were included on Turner/M-G-M Home Video’s THE GOLDEN AGE OF LOONEY TUNES Laserdisc boxed sets, back in the 1990s.

    Still .. it’s very nice to see them becoming available again (presumably to to a wider audience, this time!).

  • Toonio

    Let’s break up the Hysteria because it’s time for animaniacs in a year.

    • Funkybat

      Do you mean a release of “Animaniacs” in HD? I suppose that would be possible if they dug up all the negatives, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing much animation produced for TV in the 80s or 90s showing up in HD. The zeitgeist at the time was that a “high-quality” video copy was all that really needed to be archived, because it looked good at the time and was much more convenient to archive than film. The Blu-ray releases of the 80s and 90s Star Trek shows are running into that difficulty because to do them right, they have to dig up a million old film/neg reels in a half-million different places, if they can even be located at all!

      It would be great to see shows like “Animaniacs” in HD, but I am not going to let myself hope for it too much.

  • uncle wayne

    Wow….that merits a midnight applause!!! But what about Inki!? I have viewed his films (via y.t.) and it grrrrrrrreat to re-visit these speechless classics!!! Beauuuufiul films!!

  • tjr

    I am hoping that the “most sought after animation” is either the beginning of the complete Tex Avery or the complete Betty Boop.

    • Jon

      Well, it’s not Betty Boop. Warner doesn’t own those. However, it’s been mentioned over on the Home Theater Forum that Olive Films (a DVD outfit that has been licensing a lot of material from the Paramount vaults) has licensed the Betty Boops that are still under copyright for future home video release.

  • Dario

    “remastered” I read on the cover… You know, old cartoons had really great color compositions. I saw on John K’s how they’re ruining some great cartoons, like the Roadrunner with a lot of purple and pink… while they had been painted originally with warm and more natural colors.

    • I truly wish people would stop parroting this fallacy. I have handled and owned prints of hundreds of the Warner cartoons in Technicolor, on both 16mm and 35mm, often from their year of release. By and large, what you are seeing on the DVDs is how they are supposed to look. I make no claim for any other studio, just for the Looney Tunes releases.

  • Anthony D.

    Kudo to WB for going the extra mile for restoring these shorts not just for DVD but for Blu-ray too! I hope some of these cartoons will have restored titles.


    That is great news!! I’m really CURIOUS to see what the “most sought after animation the company own,” really means. The censored 11? The color Popeyes? A complete Tex Avery set? Maybe some Buddy-Bosco cartoons? Thanks, Jerry. I will keep my eyes and ears open!


    That is really good news! I hope the censored 11, or the color Popeyes, even a Tex Avery set, is in the future of “sought after animation.” Maybe Buddy and Bosco, their own editions. ANYTHING from WB or MGM is welcome. Thanks for the info, Jerry.

  • Anthony D.

    Kudos to WB for restoring these cartoons not just for DVD but Blu-ray too! I hope to see some restored titles on this set like Roughly Squeaking and Trap Happy Porky.

  • Ryan

    For those looking for a complete Tex Avery, I’ve just got a nice little tin box set off the French Amazon site.

    The menus are in French, it’s missing Uncle Tom’s Habana and Half-Pint Pygmy, and something like six of the cartoons have black-face gags cut out, but at €25 for a 4-DVD set I’m not complaining!

  • Anthony K

    I’ve just preordered my copy on blu ray! I’ll buy any release except for the ones which feature all double dips except for one or two new cartoons never released before. So bring em on Jerry!

  • Jon

    I’m guessing Jerry is referring to either a Tex Avery set or a Censored Eleven set. (Actually, considering how many Warner cartoons are rarely, if ever, shown these days due to stereotyped depictions of minorities, it should probably be something more like Censored One Hundred and Eleven.)

  • I’m going with JP on this one. I’m guessing we will ~FINALLY~ see the censored 11 from the vaults, at least I hope so. They may have racist content but they are an important part of animation history which shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Mike

    Has there been a Goofy Gophers DVD set released?
    Mac and Tosh deserve their moment in the spotlight. Yes? Yes?


  • Nicole A

    That will be great if it’s a Censored Eleven set through the Warner Archive. Hopefully they got Donald Bogle involved as well!

  • MikeS

    THE CENSORED 11 (with the controversial Bugs Bunny short “All This and Rabbit Stew!”)…


    THE TEX AVERY MGM COLLECTION (with favorites “Red Hot Riding Hood” and “Ventriloquist Cat”)…


  • dbenson

    The one with a crew of beavers building a dam
    The one with ants going to war over a picnic
    The ones with the mynah bird
    “Rock Odyssey”
    Some complete episodes of “Off to See the Wizard”
    “Jack and the Beanstalk” with Gene Kelly
    “What’s a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?” (teamed with Beanstalk?)
    Gene Dietch’s Tom & Jerrys (at least a sampling)
    Episodes of “Saturday Superstar Movie” (“Lost in Space”, “Robin Hoodwink”, etc)
    “New Adventures of Huck Finn”
    A sampler of HB syndicated oddities (Ruff and Reddy, Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Sinbad the Sailor, etc)
    A series set of “Toonheads”
    “Beanstalk Bunny” — “on accounts that I am greedy.”
    All in one box for $19.95

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Don’t forget all 78 episodes of “Marine Boy”!

  • John Field

    Why is it that Warner’s does NOT just release every Warner Toon in chronological order???? Do they honestly think that we as the collector’s with the money, would not buy these discs?
    How many more of these ridiculous “Best ofs” and thematic discs are we going to buy??!!

    • Trond M.

      No, but they honestly think there aren’t enough collectors out there to make those sets profitable.

  • Tedd

    Warner doesn’t release the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies in chronological order because those sets wouldn’t sell very well. I’m sure you don’t believe that, but it’s true. How many sets would Warner really sell of all those black and white cartoons and miscellaneous singing-and-dancing Technicolor one-shots before they ever got to Bugs Bunny? Besides, if “collectors with the money” were that dedicated, sales of the Golden Collections wouldn’t have fallen off so sharply, leading to those being discontinued. Aside from that, Warner has cut back on the number of these cartoons they’re willing to restore every year. On an every-other-year release schedule, it would take forever to get chronological sets out.

  • Shunka Shuutou

    Welp, looks like I can’t resist these anymore. I was waiting for another Golden Collection-like boxset that included all the shorts released since, but…it’s Sniffles! I’m a big fan of him (and one of the few, apparently) so I’ll buy this!

    Thank you very much Jerry and the people of Warner!

  • I am shocked in a good way that a Sniffles disk is being released! I’ve always liked those cartoons, but figured I would not see them restored! I love being proved wrong here.

    Also, “House Hunting Mice” is one of my favorite cartoons for the cool and evil house cleaning robots. I’m glad that will make it to DVD.

    I am hoping for the eventual release of the rest of the B&W Porky Pig cartoons, especially the Clampett films.
    I am also hoping for the Tex MGM’s as well as the other MGM cartoons (even the “Captain and the Kids.”)

  • Vince

    I hope to see all the rest of the Egghead/Elmer Fudd cartoons to be restored. I always felt that there is more history behind that enigmatic character than we know.

  • I wish I could see the restored opening and closing titles for “Little Brother Rat.” Supposedly the opening rings are green burst.