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Looney Tunes Super Stars: Sylvester & Hippety Hopper

Who says DVD is dead? Warner Home Video has announced the latest release in its Looney Tunes Super Stars series: Sylvester & Hippety Hopper: Marsupial Mayhem.

This DVD features 18 classic cartoons re-mastered to perfection (17 of these Looney Tunes never-before-seen on DVD), featuring Sylvester versus the “giant mouse” (aka Hippety Hopper). In addition to every Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies appearance of the baby kangaroo, the disc also includes each and every cartoon featuring Sylvester’s long suffering son, Sylvester Junior.

The single-disc release is scheduled for April 23rd priced at $19.98 SRP ($13.99 on amazon for 18 Robert McKimson cartoon classics. Titles included are listed below:


(via TV Shows On DVD)

  • 17 McKimson classics – and a Freleng. :-)

    • You are right – Goldiemouse and The Three Cats is a Freleng.

  • Eman

    I hate you Sylvester Junior.
    Your father tried and tried but all you ever did was bitch and moan. Worlds worst son.

  • Tony McCarson

    Um, could the sylvester junior cartoons (the ones without hippety hopper) be rearranged in chronological order when the DVD is released? Because I believe the correct order was like this.

    14.Cat’s Paw (1959)
    15.Fish and Slips (1962)
    16.Birds of a Father (1961)
    17.Claws in the Lease (1963)
    18.Goldimouse and the Three Cats (1960)

    And thank you Jerry Beck for helping hippety hopper, sylvester & sylvester junior be starring in their own DVD.

  • how many of these are not in the golden collection?

    • Anthony D.

      17. Goldimouse and The Three Cats was in the Golden Collection Volume 5. Now, Hippety Hopper was a bonus cartoon in the Golden Collection Volume 6. However that short was left unrestored and this release will mark the first time the short is restored. Also being restored is Mouse-Taken Identity which was also an unrestored bonus cartoon for the Mouse Chronicles set.

  • Doug

    As much as I love Warner Bros. cartoons by and large,
    I can’t believe they made 17 of these, nor can I believe the studio considers them worthy of a video set. I’ve long thought this was a one-shot idea that was stretched out and beaten to death. One could conceivably say that about the Road Runner – Wile E. Coyote shorts, but there were two major differences — Chuck Jones & co. made those, and the gags were creative.
    Just my opinion. Call me a curmudgeon.

    • Rick R.

      You said it brother. I hated these as a kid, though I am a very big fan of Looney Tunes otherwise.

    • James

      I liked ’em, though they tend to be pretty hit-and-miss.

      Also, Hippety Hopper is not in all of these, more around half. The rest have just Sylvester and Sylvester Jr.

    • I’ve developed a taste for McKimson lately, even though he had never been my favourite, especially as a kid. I’m not a huge fan of this concept or these cartoons in general, but like some others have said only some of them feature Hippety Hopper.

      While the concepts or the visuals in these cartoons are usually not that great, especially compared to Jones’ creative concepts and visuals, there is something I quite like about them and that’s the dialogues.

      I find the exchanges between Sylvester and Sylvester Jr. pretty hilarious. In fact, Sylvester is one of my favourite Looney Tunes characters and, while Freleng did a good job with him, I tend to enjoy his character more in the not Freleng films.

      Contrary to McKimson I used to like Freleng more when I was a kid. When there are several Freleng shorts I enjoy I find the majority of his Sylvester and Tweety shorts pretty boring and formulaic. Even when the stories and settings offered more variety than Roadrunner the gags and situations are much more predictable to me. Also, once I met Clampett’s version of Tweety, Freleng’s Tweety just doesn’t make it for me. I still like some of the most creative Tweety-Sylvester cartoons like Hyde and Go Tweet , The Last Hungry Cat or Birds Anonymous, but I find most of the others pretty boring.

      So I always enjoy seeing Sylvester in other roles, either as a dad like in these McKimson’s cartoons or as Porky’s pet in Jones’ shorts. And while each director had his vision and they knew how to manage their characters I kinda wish Jones had done something with Sylvester Jr. McKimson used him, Freleng too and I get the feeling Jones could have done something pretty funny with him. I think he’s kind of an underrated Looney Tunes character that I’d have enjoyed to see more often in the merchandise or even in mediocre LT features like Space Jam or Back In Action.

      (I was going to mention The Looney Tunes Show too, but the second season was extremely boring even for someone like me who tried to stay positive during the first one. So I really don’t mind which characters appear in those series at this point).

  • Jules

    Why are they not releasing these Super Stars sets on Blu-ray as well? I’ve bought all the sets with new animation on them so far, but I keep wondering how long it will be till they show up on Blu-ray.

  • Glowworm

    “Birds of a Father” is one of my favorites out of the shorts mentioned.

  • Kevin Martinez

    This set is good. Keep the restored cartoons coming and most everything will be okay, Warner.

  • Jon

    I’ll pass on this one. I can watch one of these when they’re anthologized with a variety of other cartoons, but I couldn’t possibly sit through every one of them, back to back

  • mat

    I’ll get it. I have a soft spot for these cartoons due to nick airing them in the 80s and 90s all the time.

  • Pez

    So we just bought a huge blu-ray set of looney tunes that we mostly already had from the golden collection and now they are releasing 17 cartoons that were not released in high def on dvd only? Why? WB wants me to buy the dvd versions of these cartoons too before I buy a blu – ray version of them!!!! These Superstar sets are great collections. PUT OUT A BLU-RAY WB!!! it’s 2013!!!

    • Pez

      I just wanted to add that I will of course buy this set.

  • Jim Roebuck

    Very disheartened about some previous comments on this new Sylvester Jr./Hippety Hopper DVD. I’ve been waiting for YEARS for those. As a Warner Bros. cartoon completist, I’ve wanted them for quite some time – and I think they’re _funny._ I think Warners did a fine job on the “LTSS: Porky and Friends” disk, and I hope they continue. (P. S. I noticed that there was some criticism on Amazon that the 3rd DVD in the Platinum Collection Vol. 2 disk is not HD, but I’m not going to join them.)

  • Zzzzzzzzzzz! Well at least I’m glad we don’t have to suffer through these turkeys on the Platinum series! I hated them when I saw them in theaters and I hate them even more now! Bottom of the barrel for Looney Tunes but if others enjoy them and want to buy them, that’s okay with me!

  • Ross W

    May I make a suggestion for the next compilation: The Three Bears.

  • William

    As I have with all the Super Stars, I’ll wait for these cartoons to be included in a collector’s series. Maybe when the Platinum well runs dry, WHV will get serious again.

  • Justin

    I’m getting this when it comes out! I’ve been waiting for them to release the cartoons with Sylvester Jr.

  • Any release with more restored cartoons never before on DVD is great news. I don’t play the favorites game…I love the Wraner cartoons as body of work. I’m happy to keep seeing more and more cartoons being properly restored. I have all the Superstars series except the Road Runner set. And I may even get that one day…the Sylvester set is good news, and I’m hoping the Tom & Jerry Golden Collection Volume 2 isn’t too long in appearing.


    Any release of the classic LOONEY TUNES series is always a welcome event. Not a big fan of Hippity Hopper/Sylvester Jr., and was hoping for a Sylvester solo release, with and preferably without Tweety. Like “A Mouse Divided,” and the one with the woodpecker (not Woody). Still, I’ll order it to support the series.

  • akira

    i’m still waiting for the complete merrie melodies/ looney tunes collection in chronological order volume 1!

    i don’t give a darn about extras, just give us decent transfers like they did with the three stooges collection. (also blu-ray would be nice but not necessary if non-hd keeps the price down) just pack 2 or 3 discs full of as many cartoons as they will hold, and keep the dvd start up menus to a minimum so that i can pop in a dvd and watch a cartoon without having to go through a five minute dvd startup song and dance.

  • Wadebran

    Actually the first 6 Sylvester/Hippety Hopper cartoons are very good. They still have that anarchic loosey-goosey feel of late 40s, very early 50s McKimson.  Starting with ‘Bell Hoppy’, though, it’s all diminishing returns. With the addition of Freleng’s ‘Goldimouse’ you have 7 classics and 11 mediocre-to-bad ones. Still… you can’t argue with completism, I guess.  For me it will be worth the 14.98 or so just to have the good ones.

  • Lector

    Great collection!
    The complete Hippety Hopper & Sylvester Jr.!!!

    • Rand

      This is both a complete Hippety Hopper and a complete Sylvester Jr collection… YEAH!!!

  • Greg Duffell

    I know it has some atrocious animation in it, but “Slap Hoppy Mouse” is one of my favourite cartoons, I think because Tedd Pierce sets a great premise and conflict between Sylvester and son, and Blanc’s acting of the dialogue is superb. The “rundown mouse infested house” gag always makes me laugh. “Too Hop to Handle” features some rare (for the ’50’s) actual animation by Robert Mckimson, and what a beautiful Sylvester and son he draws (in the first few scenes in the kitchen). That close up of Sylvester leaves me awestruck every time I see it. What great drawing…AND animation! “Cats Aweigh” is rarely seen and “Lighthouse Mouse” has a great Sid Marcus story and really funny Rod Scribner animation. The latter cartoon was always heavily censored on television, by the time it showed up there in the ’80’s. For some reason, a lot of original cels survived from Rod’s scenes from this film, and I have a few.