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New Looney Tunes dvds in April

I’m happy to confirm the news – first reported on TV Shows on DVD – that Warner Bros. is indeed continuing to release Looney Tunes on DVD beginning in April.

Two new single disc releases are scheduled for release on April 27th – with more being planned for release later this year. The first two in the Looney Tunes Super Stars line are Bugs Bunny: Hare Extraordinaire and Daffy Duck: Frustrated Fowl. No bonus material or audio commentaries – just straight cartoons. Fifteen on each disc, restored, uncut and previously unavailable on DVD.

BUGS BUNNY: Mutiny on the Bunny (1950), Bushy Hare (1950), Hare We Go (1951), Foxy by Proxy (1952), Hare Trimmed (1953), Lumber Jack-Rabbit (1954), Napoleon Bunny-Part (1956), Bedevilled Rabbit (1957), Apes of Wrath (1959), From Hare to Heir (1960), Lighter than Hare (1960), The Million Hare (1963), Mad as a Mars Hare (1963), Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare (1964) and False Hare (1964).

DAFFY DUCK: Tick Tock Tuckered (1944), Nasty Quacks (1945), Daffy Dilly (1948), Wise Quackers (1949), The Prize Pest (1951), Design for Leaving (1954), Stork Naked (1955), This Is a Life? (1955), Dime to Retire (1955), Ducking the Devil (1957), People Are Bunny (1959), Person to Bunny (1960), Daffy’s Inn Trouble (1961), The Iceman Ducketh (1964) and Suppressed Duck (1965).

  • Chris D.

    When I first heard about these, my only concern was that I already owned them on the Golden Collections. I am glad I do not, and since they are single discs they will be priced a little lower then the rest of the Looney Tune DVDs.

    Awesome news.

  • These sound great, I’m always excited for more Looney Tunes on DVD!

  • Still sad that we won’t be getting any more golden collections (they are my favorite DVDs in my entire collection, and I learnt a lot from the commentaries) but still glad to see we’re getting more of the shorts. I might hold out and see if these single disc releases get combined into a box set though, shelf space is running out and the more condensed the better!

  • BJ Wanlund

    My question to you, Jerry, is this: The last time you were on SIR, you confirmed Daffy Doodles for the Daffy DVD. Were you mistaken to confirm that?

  • Noah

    Hey Jerry,
    Any plans to release Looney Tunes DVD collections by director… ever? I want a Chuck Jones set or a Bob Clampett set. Think how beautiful it would be! (me in rapture)

  • BJ – This is one of the reasons I’m reluctant to reveal information on DVD projects I’m working on. Things change continuously on these right up to release. When I did Stu’s Show those titles were indeed planned for the new DVDs. I spoke too soon. The change in the contents is due to several factors relating to restoration issues. It is my goal, and Warners goal, to release every Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies short on DVD eventually. I am now involved with planning of future releases – after a year of NO activity regarding these classic cartoons, just the fact that there will be future releases should be reassuring for those of us who want to see the library restored.

  • Rat

    Any chance we’d see any Looney Toons on Blu-Ray?

    Is it me, or are these characters not the hot cultural currency they were even ten years ago?

    I blame Warner Brothers.


  • Isaac

    Spongebob filled up the void that was left by Looney Toons’ absence.

  • Scarabim

    I blame Warner Bros. too for the tarnishing their classic characters have suffered in recent years – thanks to two feature films that failed to do them justice (Space Jam and Back In Action). Both suffered from writing problems; why does WB continue to hire scripters who have no understanding of what made the Looney Tunes so funny and the characters so likable?

  • captainmurphy

    Can someone quickly comment (remind us) exactly fits into the buying habits of those that have been getting the Golden Collections in an attempt to have a complete WB Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies collection without duplication?

    That is, now we should get the Golden Collections (which may or may not continue) and the Super Stars collections (which will not duplicate any of the Golden) and maybe a third subBrand for miscellaneous mishmash not tied into currently merchandisable content? Are there two or three series to follow now?

    I understand the marketing need to balance between collectors, and people just grabbing something to get the rugrat out of their hair electronic babysitting wise. Jerry says the effort to completion still exists, I just want to know what we now need to buy.

  • Steve Siegert

    Will either “Tick Tock Tuckered” or “Daffy Dilly” have their original titles restored?

  • That’s great news! I’m glad the cartoon restorations on DVD are continuing. I love the idea of seeing the entire library restored, but in the meantime, I am happy to see that at least the restoration continues on the major characters.

  • Oliver Besner

    I’m thrilled that new cartoons are being released, but does this new “family marketed” format mark the end of black & white Looney Tunes on DVD??

    I think we can all understand the studio’s reasoning for including the late fifties/sixties Daffy Duck shorts on a new launch release… but I doubt many collector’s or film buffs are flipping to get their hands on those particular cartoons when there’s a wealth of early shorts yet to be released. I just wonder if the direction of this new series would prevent those early shorts from coming out under this “Super Star” banner due to marketing conflicts of interest?

  • No commentaries or extras at all? What a disappointment – one of the best things about the GC’s.

    I’ll be buying these but I sure hope they rethink that part of the equation for the next batch.

  • Ben

    Great news. Though “Looney Tunes Superstars – Speedy Gonzales” may not sell so well.

  • SOLD!!!

  • Rat – Yes, there are plans for a Blu-Ray release of Looney Tunes. I can say no more.

    Noah – We did several discs programed by director as part of the Golden Collection series. Perhaps someday when the entire library is restored, we can dedicate sets to the complete works of each director.

    Oliver – No, this does not mean the end of black and white cartoons on DVD. While I hope collectors will buy these new discs to encourage Warner’s to continue restoring the library (hint, hint), understand these are indeed aimed at general (i.e. family, Wal-Mart, Target) audiences in hope of greater sales. The price point of the Golden Collections, even the Spotlight collections, were a bit high for the average consumer. Hopefully this new series will allow more to join our club.

  • Kevin Martinez

    If the masses will still balk at an odd B/W cartoon in this day and age, maybe an acceptable compromise would be including a colorized version of a given B/W short on the same disc. It wouldn’t even cost anything to do beyond looking for the colorized tapes in Warner’s archive.

  • I’m thrilled to see there is no overlap with what’s already been released in the box sets. Looks like there’s some great material here. Hope we can look forward to seeing bonus material on future dvds?

  • Oh, boy… colorized B&W. What a novel concept, and we know how well THAT crap sells. Shame on whoever tried to float THAT airless balloon again.

  • How cool is it that the covers feature NO AIRBRUSH BULLSHIT on the characters?? Give that consumer product artist a hand for some nice minimalist design.

  • Brian

    GLEE! and YAY! Thanks for the news Jerry, I’m looking forward to snapping these up when released.

  • William

    Thank you for your responses here, Jerry, especially the first one. It’s very encouraging to read.

    I think most would agree proper restoration is the most important aspect of this work. One can assume the lineup changes were a smart move, if cleanup caused their delay.

    It’s one thing to judge how the films are released and what each release contains, but maintaining the level of care the films have received to date is most important. This is the best home video news I’ve heard in a while. Thanks again.

  • Peter Neski

    gee mostly latter stuff ,hardly the best of the stuff they haven’t
    done yet,

  • BJ Wanlund

    Jerry – Thank you for responding to that. I would definitely like to see Daffy Doodles (and the rest of the library) restored (and I certainly can wait to see Daffy Doodles on a Porky DVD, because there are still some Porky cartoons that are unrestored — hint, hint).

    captainmartinez – I have a feeling that the LT Super Stars will fit the types of miscellaneous mish-mash you mention, although I would be interested to see how these LT sets go. Probably once the entire library is restored, we will see much better (and more interesting, perhaps) ideas for DVD sets, like, say, early Freleng (I Haven’t Got A Hat, et al), Tex Avery’s ENTIRE Termite Terrace output (now THAT would be awesome), and the Harman-Ising Merrie Melodies and/or Looney Tunes with Bosko (preferably uncensored).


  • Robert Barker

    The Daffy one looks more appealing to me. I’m not wild about those 1950s McKimson short legged Bugs toons. It’s good to get the wheels greased again on more releases. Although I agree with the tenor of some of the comments that a few of the characters simply aren’t as marketable anymore. The Tasmanian Devil was hot in the 90s. Is Tweety still big?

  • cliffclaven

    The problem most of the vault owners face is what to do when you’ve gone through all the gems. If I was Warner, I’d be sorely tempted to hold back some good titles to prop up the inevitable Daffy Meets Speedy collection. Maybe put the Censored 7 in a pricey box with all the old Boskos and Buddies.

    Disney, now that they’ve almost cleaned out the Walt-era material for the Treasures tins, keeps launching new kid-oriented lines and anchoring each disc with one or more oft-released favorites. I still enjoy Mickey’s Trailer as much as anybody, but really . . .

    Universal still has a lot of Walter Lantz, but the two big collections ate up all the decent Woody Woodpeckers and the more interesting oddities. Some boomers might go for more of the old TV series, but is there even a collector’s market for Andy Panda or the Bear family?

    As for the UPA library, we can only hope Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr. decides to play Mr. Magoo.

  • josh

    does this mean there be more foghorn leghorn shorts released?

  • I’m in agreement with Chris B. that the box art is nicely done, much better than the box sets where characters were airbrushed and off model. I’ll be curious to see what the DVD menu systems look like. I was a bit disappointed with UI designs for the box sets.

  • Ed

    SOLD!!! More coming? More SOLD!!! :)

  • I hope they release this in Spain.

    The Golden Collection was originallly released in good conditions. But the subsequent sets had less and less extras, even less cartoons than the american version! The last ones hasn’t been released yet and I doubt they will. So I guess LT don’t sell so good here either.

    Warner Bros should really do something good with their characters once in a while, the merchandising is usually on bad taste and the life action/cartoon movies are extremely mediocre.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they did a new LT cartoon as good as the Mickey Mouse cartoon “Runaway Brain”?

  • Isidro25

    Heh, with this economy, we are lucky to see restored material of old, Cartoon…

  • Matt Crowther

    This is certainly good news- although I have little fondness for almost all of the WB cartoons released during the 60s. Still these sets will be welcome.

  • Dan

    I want all the 40’s Warner cartoons on Blu-Ray!!!

  • Dan

    Or just all the Bob Clampett Warners cartoons in one set!

  • Pez

    Thank you Jerry! Thank you Warners. I had a sad Christmas with out the joy of new to Dvd Looney Tunes.

    And Yeah!!! Blu Ray Looney Tunes!!!!!

    PLEASE WB make sure not to erase the lines of the cels on the HD restorations. I have the Snow White Blu Ray and it looks like watching a moving cel setup. The colors are very nice. Not as over saturated as the Early Looney Tunes DVD releases. Maybe WB can look at some Snow White frame grabs from rhe Blu Ray as an example of what a good restoration looks like. Believe it or not Warners Bugs Bunny’s tongue is not supposed to be the brightest thing on the screen.


  • Rob Hill

    Both the Bugs and Daffy sets are automatic purchases for me. I so deeply appreciate both of these releases and love the content on both sets. Do I wish “Which is Witch?” were there? Yes. Do I wish there were commentaries? Yes. But, still, here are 30 more new Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies restored on DVD and featuring the two best WB characters EVER! I truly hope every LT & MM gets restored and released over a period time because I want them all, and I think all 6 GC’s are GREAT!! Even the recent Cupid Capers DVD is well worth having, as it contains “Past Perfumance,” which looks so good that I think it’s restored, as well as a very good copy of “Holiday Highlights.” I love bonus features.

    Here’s hoping for restored opening & closing titles for “Tick Tock Tuckered” and “Daffy Dilly,” and for the opening titles for “Wise Quackers” (I believe that always had the original closing title card, and great is THAT that we’re getting THAT classic!!) and for other future restored titles for “Along Came Daffy,” “Slightly Daffy,” “Daffy Doodles” and many more. Wow, there are lot of Daffy classics that got the Blue Ribbon treatment (14, I believe) as opposed to only 2 Bugs classics (“A Wild Hare” and “Hiawatha’s Rabbit Hunt”), and those are both beautifully restored with original opening & closing titles on the great Academy Award Animation Collection. The Blue Ribbon Daffy’s that have had the original openings & closings restored so far are “Daffy Duck & Egghead,” “Book Revue,” “Baby Bottleneck” and “You Were Never Duckier.” Keep these DVD’s coming! They’re awesome!

  • s.w.a.c.

    It’s hard to imagine a wide, full-scale release of strictly black and white stuff–if it’s the Wal-Mart crowd they’re after–but I’m holding out hope that at the very least we might see some of the rarer, cult-ier stuff come out via the WB Archive program, which is issuing discs or downloads on demand. The drawback there is that they’re not available outside of the U.S. (and I’m in Canada), but that might be a better option than something they’d either lose money or break even on.

    And that way they could put out the more “offensive” cartoons without causing a stink, because only people who want them would buy them, instead of some outraged parent stumbling across them by mistake.

    I pre-ordered the Golden Collections as soon as each one was announced, and I’m glad I did, although I get a little peeved every time I see a remaindered volume selling for nearly half of what I paid. I wonder how many are sitting stockpiled in warehouses?

  • Baruch Weiss

    Great news to hear, I love the Looney Tunes and I’m so excited that 15 new cartoons never before released to DVD are coming out, but I am a little upset that the following cartoons are not out yet. Nevertheless they hopefully will be released someday to DVD.

    The cartoons that were originally planned for release are

    Along came Daffy

    Jack Wabbit and the beanstalk

    Hold the Lion Please

    I have these three cartoons on video, so I’ll see them on there. Now what about the censored 11 cartoons, won’t those ever get a DVD release?

  • Paul N

    I’m all for more b&w cartoons being released, as long as the set includes “Goopy Gear.” A personal fave, I’ve all but given up hope that it’ll ever land on a DVD.

  • Robert Barker

    ‘Previously Unreleased’ still has some cache. Therein lies the slow, slow, slow realization that Betty Boop has to come out on DVD at some point. Of course the black and white thing will probably slow it down again, but someday……………..

  • JJay

    Concerning bonus material: I can see how Bugs and Daffy discs can be released without bonus material because these characters have been mined fairly deep with the Golden Collections. I hope that a Foghorn or Sylvester disc could contain some bonus/documentary/commentary material.

  • I love this! IT reminds me of those old Video cassetes they used to have back in the late 80’s. I’ll buy them all!

  • I’m guesing that Lumber Jack Rabbit will NOT be shown in its original 3D format. It would probably be a wee bit too expensive to include a pair of 3D glasses in each DVD case.

    Oh well, I’ll still be happy to purchase this.

  • Rick Farmiloe

    I can’t believe they’d release ANY of that 60’s garbage!!! That was the nadir of Warner Bros. animation….and those cartoons are just best left forgotten! I’ll stick to the other Looney Toons releases and just let these pass me by.

  • RobEB

    I’m on the fence on these. I’d love to have BUSHY HARE, but the rest are only so-so, for me anyway.


    I still haven’t bought any of the Looney Tunes box sets because I’m waiting for them (WB) to do it right, like they did with the Popeye cartoons – Every cartoon in chronological order from the first to the last !!! These Looney Tunes releases are haphazard. When will they FINALLY do it right ???? Also, where is POPEYE Volume 4 ??????

  • bonoman

    I love BB & DD dvds!!!
    I hope next dvd:

    1.Porky (w/Daffy)
    2.Foghorn Leghorn

  • josh

    i agree with bonoman more porky and foghorn would be nice

  • Ton-man

    Good news ! I would have liked to see the Golden Collections continue but this is the next best thing. Wallet opening.

  • Tony Perodeau

    I hope we’ll see a Wile E. Coyote/Ralph Wolf collection with their last episodes from the Chuck Jones unit.

  • Yay! More Warner cartoons and no overlap with the Golden collections! That’s good enough for me. We’ll see about what happens next, but it’s gratifying to have such obvious care displayed on these new sets.

  • I’d also like to see a disk with the rest of the Chuck Jones Road Runner and Sheepdog cartoons. That would be wonderful!

  • Lisa Jones

    It’s great to have new discs with unreleased cartoons but if price was one of the problems with the Golden Collections (MSRP around $60 but I never saw them anywhere for more than $45, usually $40) then we aren’t any better off– these are MSRP $20 (Amazon has them for $14 as will Wal-mart probably). These two discs (15 toons each) add up to half a Golden Collection yet will cost more than half the price (and more than the Spotlight Collections). So, really we are paying more for these sets and not even getting any bonus material…
    I’ll still can’t wait to pick them up but I doubt these will fare much better than the GC’s, especially when the discs start containing less populr characters and titles.

  • Jerry,

    how well did Mighty Mouse do? Will we get the first Paramount cartoon set released by, er, Paramount?

  • John

    EVERY Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies eventually. What about the insidious “Censored Eleven”? Has WB’s stance lightened on those?

  • Jerry, I love Looney Tunes but not so much that I want to own every short ever released, nor do I want to own the hundreds and hundreds of cartoons that have already been released in the Golden collections. Is there any chance that a definitive Looney Tunes Best Of set will eventually be released? The Spotlight Collections weren’t true Best Of’s, they were just random discs taken from Golden sets. I’d really love a definitive Best-Of set that contained maybe a hunded shorts devoted to the spectrum of Looney Tunes characters with a focus on Bugs and Daffy, and contained all the acknowledged classic shorts. I think a lot of mainstream buyers out there would too: the Golden Collections are geared toward the aficianado and most people simply don’t want to own all of it: it’s too expensive, it’s too much. I simply don’t have time to watch them all but I want more than just a couple of discs with fifteen shorts apiece. I want all the classic shorts in a nice meaty package that doesn’t require a five-hundred dollar investment. Any chance?

  • John – Every cartoon short – including Coal Black and the “Censored Eleven” will be restored. No, their stance hasn’t lightened, but those films are part of the library and they will preserve them. There is always a chance they will be released at some point.

    Mark – Yes, AFTER all the shorts are restored it would be possible. Warner’s will be accused of “double dipping”, but they most likely will do the sort of thing you propose. Be patient.

  • Kevin Martinez

    What I don’t understand is, why is Warner adamantly refusing to include bonuses of any kind on these new DVD’s?

    I can understand the desire not to spend too much on more luxurious extras, but there modern shorts and specials that still aren’t on DVD yet (Chariots of Fur, Father of the Bird, etc.) that could be added to one of these new discs for virtually nothing. And finding copies of them obviously isn’t a problem since a bunch of them were included with last years movie DVD’s.

  • dr. giraud

    Warner Archive would be the way to release the “censored 11.” Neither COAL BLACK nor UNCLE TOM’S BUNGALOW come within a mile of being as offensive as the “Goin to Heaven on a Mule” number from WONDER BAR, and you can buy that through the Warner Archive.

  • toonguy

    Wow the Amazon price has gone up twice since it was listed a week ago.
    13.99 to 14.99 to 17.49

    What gives?

  • bugsy_pal

    While it’s great to see that more Looney Tunes are coming out, I am a bit disappointed that the Bugs disc contains a higher proportion of 60s shorts. While I am not intimately familiar with them, my experience is that much of the output from around 1960 onwards was of a poor standard and not worthy of the name “Looney Tunes”. I will stand to be corrected on that… (but no-one will ever convince me that the Daffy + Speedy cartoons have any merit at all).

    I hope that we soon see all of the Inki and the Lion cartoons on DVD – these are absolute classics!

  • MGH

    Maybe someone could list all the items that are on the menu in the Daffy film “Mexican Joyride.” Thanks

  • Jubal

    Amazon now lists the release date for both discs as August 10… what gives?

  • Pontoon

    A mistake I sincerely hope.

  • Lisa Jones

    so… um… August?
    Weren’t there supposed to be later releases this year AFTER these two came out in April?
    They can’t afford to string us along now on top of already cancelling the ‘Golden Collections’ and now charging us more per disc and not giving us any bonuses…

  • bill

    Hey everyone,
    I had my first kid a few months back and am looking to get the collection of loony tunes and other great cartoons that I remember from my youth for when my kid is ready to be amazed.
    What do you recommend I buy (loony tunes Vol. 1-6)? Can I get it on blu-ray? (I’d prefer that)
    What are your thoughts?


  • Michelle

    Not only were these no bonuses with these discs, most of the cartoons are missing TONS of image…

    Yes, that’s right, WB elected to matte the ’54 and later films into fake widescreen!

    So, back these go and I hope WB learns from the folly of their ways (but I sincerely doubt it).