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Popeye DVD Vol. 3

On sale tomorrow is Popeye Vol. 3. This 2-disc set features the classic wartime cartoons (banned from TV for several decades) with Popeye versus the German and Japanese armies. Restored cartoons, bonus documentaries and special features – the perfect video to watch after the election results come in! Here’s a tip: Best Buy is offering a bonus “vintage mini-comic book” if you buy it at the store.

  • Bryan

    I saw where Stephen DeStefano said in the comments here on the Brew that Popeye Volume 2 and 3 would be bundled together in a tin box. Is this still on?

  • Foreign Twenty

    Who do I have to kill to get that costume?

  • Joe Torcivia


    Thanks for this and everything else you’ve been involved with over the years!

    I’d hate to imagine my DVD rack, if not for you!

    After the last superb Popeye set, I’ll be at Best Buy first thing tomorrow for this one!

  • Bob Porrazzo

    Jerry, I may watch that DVD set INSTEAD of the election returns. At least Popeye makes me happy. Don’t know if I might get to Best Buy for the set as I want to watch those discs.

  • Mark

    Well, in all the ad flyers in my Sunday paper, only Best Buy showed the Popeye set for sale (as they had been with the Looney Tunes box), so that’s where my money will go Tuesday.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Bryan, I thought there was going to be a tin case. I feel like I was asked to draw two front covers, one for the regular edition, and one for the tin case. This was only a few months ago, and you’d think I’d remember, but to be frank I can’t recall concretely. Sorry! Either way you’re a winner, because these cartoons are just more awesome than anything they can be packaged in!

  • Bryan

    Thanks so much Stephen, your inking, penmanship, and art are all awesome! Long live Pappy!

  • Stephen is the greatest Popeye artist since Segar, his work is indeed awesome!!!

  • SDeS, Loooooove those covers. If only Hearst would get behind its moribund comics and perk them up with some all-new Popeye strips with your art… but I guess too many people would complain every time Popeye hit Bluto. No problems with the last few Dick Tracy villains ending up as bloody smears, though.

  • Stephen

    Can’t wait to see the Goons agoon! I mean, again!

  • OM

    …Right side caption:

    While visiting the British Isles, an English fashion model gives Popeye a special mint powerful enough to cure his spinach breath!

  • I am just digging into my set (Vol.III) and am in heaven! Is it just me or are some of these the best of the series? I remember being like 6 years old seeing the one where Popeye’s fist travels over the radio waves and hits the singer on the other side of town–it still makes me laugh.

    Great to have the whole run available again. Some of the best cartoons ever made–they definitely deserve the careful preservation these sets provide. Long live Fleischer’s POPEYE!

  • Gordan

    At my local Best Buy today, Popeye DVD collections vol. 1, 2 and 3 were bundled together in a great, big tin box. The cover art was the same as the cover art for Popeye vol. 2 released earlier this year. The years displayed: 1933 – 1943.

    I almost bought it….It was a bit too pricey, though. $99 CAN.

  • Randy

    I snagged the last POPEYE, VOL. 3 off the shelf at my local Best Buy late this afternoon. The manager, who is a friend, said they had, obviously, been moving well, which is great, because I’d love to see the series continue and be able to see restorations of some early Technicolor faves like “We’re On Our Way to Rio” and “Anvil Chorus Girl.”

    On the down side, he said their sales of the sixth LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION had been a little slow.

  • Oliver Besner

    Does anyone know if the BB exclusive is good for Canadian (Quebec) outlets as well?

  • Gordan

    Oliver, I paid close to $40 (including taxes) at my local Best Buy in Ottawa, and there was no vintage comic book included. Let me know if it’s any different where you live.

  • proggirl

    Haven’t picked it up yet- times are tight- but I did see the #3 set at Best Buy- no tin box, but a cover sticker mentioning the comic.
    Sale price $25 US.
    Probably stop on my way to work today.

  • rab smith

    I am in the UK, and I couldn’t wait any longer for VOL 1 and 2, so I snapped them up on import earlier this year: fantastic works, and I’ll certainly purchase this 3rd set, ‘POPEYE’ [FLEISCHER version] is cartoon heaven in my view.

  • Oliver Besner

    Hi Gordan!

    I drove 20 mins. out of my way after work yesterday during rush hour to the one Best Buy that I know of in Montreal to find that they were not only unaware of this release or any exclusive offers, but didn’t even have a single copy of the new volume in stock.

    Metro Video downtown had 1 single copy on hold for someone and HMV had not received any copies yet either. Whatsup with distribution from Warners on this latest set??

    I’ve been able to pick up each past volume with ease in the city on release day and have always found multiple copies in retail. Disappointing to say the least… I’m kind of curious to see what that 3-in-1 tin looks like with all the previous volumes packages together.

  • All of the “ship door title and credits” cartoons seem to have the Paramount logo and “Paramount presents Popeye…” title cards digitally spliced in from a single source print, after which a grainier and much more contrasty print is used. Looks like somebody had the telecine on AUTO rather than trying to match the different source elements.

    Some reasonable amount of digital noise reduction would have made a tremendous improvement in the look of these cartoons. The spocket wear jitter and rapid brightness changes (flickering) are all left as-is for your enjoyment…There is no reason for these newer cartoons to look WORSE than the 1930s cartoons on Vol 1 except for scrimping on the restoration.

    The extras are skimpy and unimaginative. Enough with the silent Koko the Clown cartoons! It just takes ONE to show how much the Fleischers improved in just a few years! How about some sample episodes of the 1960-61 TV Popeyes or “Popeye and Son” or the sorta gay Minute Maid orange juice commercial, or a side by side running of an original B&W Popeye with a horrible retraced colorized Korean remake with the pink and mustard color scheme?

    Still, these cartoons on Vol 3 are probably the most fun of the entire series, particular the politically incorrect ones.