2009 Sheridan Student Films 2009 Sheridan Student Films

2009 Sheridan Student Films

For reasons unbeknownst to me, there are not a lot of Sheridan-produced student films which have been posted online. Below are two that I’ve found so far:

The Peasant and the Root by Brock Gallagher

The Chronicles of Turghot and Dragam by Kelly Turnbull

The students may not be posting their films online, but the school is presenting a screening of this year’s work on June 9 and 10 at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto (located at Bloor and Bathhurst). Admission is $5. The screening on June 9 is at 7pm and the screening on June 10 is at 9:30pm. The line-up for the screening can be found on the blog of Sheridan instructor Mark Mayerson. The trailer below, showing snippets from various student films, offers a sense of what was made in Oakville this year:

  • Charles

    maybe they are holding out for festivals

  • amid

    Charles: Except that festivals don’t really care much anymore if a film has appeared online or not.

  • Clutch

    Must be nice to have computers to colour your sheridan films. Wish they were around when I was sweating under the Oxberry lights in Oakville.

  • That’s EXACTLY why I’m sure a majority keep their films offline. There’s some weird myth floating around school that says “hold off until you hear back from festivals”. From looking on withoutabox.com, I’d say only about 5% of festivals seemed to care if it was a festival premiere, or if the work was available online. And those were usually hoity-toity festivals where student animation wouldn’t fit anyways.


  • amid

    The rules of the game have changed in the past two or three years in regards to short films and festivals. Even Sundance, which supposedly has a strict rule about how films can’t be online, put films in their line-up this year which were already online.

    And don’t forget this post I did recently about how a number of films in Annecy’s line-up were already hits on the Web:

    I’m sure festivals would like to have films that haven’t been online, but it’s increasingly difficult to make that demand when filmmakers get no compensation from the festival for keeping their film offline, and more importantly, the exposure from distributing your film online potentially outweighs the exposure you’d receive at festivals.

  • Thanks for the info Amid!

    Oh and to clarify, the school has NOTHING to do with the screening at the Bloor Cinema. Mark Mayerson was gracious enough to front the money out of his own pocket to book the place for 2 nights, and set up this screening himself. Hopefully through support this can become an annual event to watch the great stuff coming out of Sheridan. Any profits are going towards next year’s industry day.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTj4ELCDMF4 Heres another very funny graduate film from Sheridan that’s online from Alain Huynh

  • You might consider looking at student films from other schools as well. We have a very good one here in montreal with student graduating since 1999 i think: Cégep du vieux montreal.

    Here are some examples:


    and dozens more :)


  • Sundance even made some of their films free downloads on itunes for the duration of the festival, including Dominic’s From Burger It Came, and Max’s I Live in the Woods.

  • Thanks for the plug, Amid.

  • Very cool.

    Thanks, Mark.

  • Jim Engel

    That stuff is astounding!

  • Saturnome

    Who cares about what’s on TV when there’s such fun student films on the internet?

  • Mike Milo

    Both those shorts kicked ever-lovin’ ass! Nice job! I especially liked Brock’s animation. That confident walk as he goes to pick up the mandrake is superb! Nice and bouncy but subtle where it needed to be. Better than some professional films I’ve seen! I loved the design in Kelly’s short as well. I agree, I wish I had been able to use computers when i was in art school. Lucky so and sos! ;-)

  • Julian Carter

    Ooooh! What wonderful work! I especially like Brock’s animation.

    I feel jealous there’s no school or college that specialises in animation in my country. Not much animation possibilities if you live in Malta.

  • Nice to see Brock’s film. I’d been checking out your blog. Congrats.

  • We’ve got some super talented folks in Canada. ;) These look great!