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2010 Bafta Nominees

As award season continues, the British Academy Film Awards were announced today. Congratulations to Coraline (Henry Selick), Fantastic Mr. Fox (Wes Anderson) and UP (Pete Docter) for the feature animation nominations. The animated short film nominations went to The Happy Duckling (Gili Dolev), Mother of Many (Sally Arthur, Emma Lazenby) and The Gruffalo (Michael Rose, Martin Pope, Jakob Schuh, Max Lang). The winners will be announced on Sunday February 21st.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I finally saw The Fantastic Mr Fox. What a delight!

  • The Gruffalo is the best

  • Also worth pointing out that UP has also been nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

  • Those three features are great, they will almost certainly be included as Oscar nominees in the same category, also since there are five this year Princess and the Frog will probably get a nomination and the fifth is harder to predict.

    For the shorts none of those were included among the ten finalists for Oscar. Expect to see the Wallace & Gromit film, A Matter of Loaf and Death and Pixar’s Partly Cloudy and Runaway from Cordell Barker of the NFBC. French Roast and Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty both have a decent chance. Nominations will be announced Tuesday, February 2.

  • Oscar has become a very fun award even for the shorts.

    The Gruffalo had premiered a month ago on bbc.He deserves the attention and the nomination.

  • The Gruffalo is amazing. Will chck out the other two shorts.