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Bakshi party photos


Steve Worth posts many worthwhile things on the Asifa Hollywood Animation Archive website, including Mary Blair paintings and Ren & Stimpy storyboards just in the past week. But when he posts a picture of me and Ralph Bakshi, that really gets my attention. Actually, he didn’t post this photo above, yet, he just sent it to me (that’s me on the right of Ralph, with Mighty Mouse producer Tom Klein on the left) – but he did post a bunch of others from the Ralph book party at Meltdown on Saturday night. Bakshi veterans Conrad Vernon, Tom McGrath, Kent Butterworth, John K., Eddie Fitzgerald, Steve Gordon, Tom Minton and Dave Spafford are pictured. The event was a blast, and others who attended (but not captured in a photo) included animators Milt Gray, Mike Kazaleh, George Maestri, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura. Go here and enjoy!

  • You want video? You got video!

    (Yeah, a little shaky. Left my Steadicam at home, rats.)

  • Nick

    Out of interest, did Andrew Stanton, perhaps the most successful of Bakshi’s old crew, attend?

  • Its great seeing Ralph’s old crew together again. I never worked for Ralph, but I always made it a point to visit his studio — wherever it happened to be.

  • Was Ralph’s ol’ crony Cos Anzolotti in attendance? (I ask because I kept bugging him to show up but I could never tell if I’d successfully convinced him to make the trek into Hollywood!)

  • Tony Mora

    Hats off to Chris McDonnell and Jon Gibson for making the book that made this event possible.

  • Leon Ebbets Field

    Nick, it’s a really tough call as to whether Andrew Stanton or Tim Burton is the “most successful” of Bakshi’s many alums. (Burton worked on Bakshi’s “Lord of the Rings”, and he didn’t attend Saturday night’s event either) The only way to settle it is for those two heavy hitters to bring all their liquid assets to your house, where you can count every single dollar earned by each, then report back to us here.

  • Mike Kazaleh

    Cos Anzolotti did not show up that I could see. I was hoping he would.

    Among the other no-shows… Robert Taylor, Jim Reardon, Jeff Pidgeon, and Andy Stanton. Missed you guys.

    It was terrific seeing the folks who did show up. Lots of old pals. I had a swell time. Cheers, all!

  • Nick

    Wow! Never knew that Tim Burton worked with Bakshi! In that case I have no idea who is the most “successful”, and I have no intention of inviting both him and Mr. Stanton over to my house,

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Course from what I’ve read in one place, Burton’s involvement with Bakshi was as a cel painter on Lord of the Rings, I don’t know how much creative input he had to give then, but it was his first job in animation prior to working for Disney.