A Popeye Pencil Test A Popeye Pencil Test

A Popeye Pencil Test

J.J. Sedelmaier and Howard Beckerman are assembling rare materials for a forthcoming series of animation exhibits showcasing the legacy of New York area animation. In preparation for the display, Beckerman is digging out rarely seen pencil animation sequences from his archive, and J.J. is refilming them, adding inbetweens where necessary. This one, above, looks like an outake from Famous Studios’ Lumberjack And Jill (1949).

There will be screenings/panels at the Jacob Burns Center on Silent Cartoons, Cartoons for Kids, as well as J.J. Sedelmaier Productions and Blue Sky Studios retrospectives. The Pelham Picture House will be doing NY Commercials & Indy Animation programs. Howard and J.J. are also doing a presentation on the History of New York Animation at the NY ComicCon (Feb 6-8). The centerpiece exhibit, It All Started Here!, featuring vintage art, photos, equipment, film programs and panels at the Westchester Arts Council Gallery in White Plains, runs from the evening of January 17th until February 28th. More information, when available, will be posted here.

  • How cool! Yay for Howard!

  • Robert Schaad

    Fantastic news!! Glad I live in Westchester. I’ve seen many a flick at Pelham Picture House. Once exited from the theater after seeing a late nite showing of Dr. Zhivago…right into a blizzard. Appropriate!!

  • Hey – speaking of Westchester, I hope all you folks that may have been worried that a visit up here would be certain to elicit an inevitable nosebleed, will reconsider. Howard and I are trying to put together information and material you probably haven’t seen before. As far as I know, this is also the first time NY has been given its due in such a comprehensive way. . . btw – we’ll have one of the Tron workstations used by Chris Wedge in the production ! Thanks Blue Sky ! Stay tuned to Cartoon Brew, and the J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Inc. Facebook Group page !

  • By the way – give kudos to Dave Lovelace, Dan Madia, & Zero here , who all chipped in to transform the Popeye P.T. !

  • Ron

    That is AWESOME! Please post more of those! Yay!

  • Bob Jaques

    “This one, above, looks like an outake from Famous Studios’ Lumberjack And Jill (1949).”

    And animated by the amazing John Gentilella.

  • So, did the pencil work?

  • Alfons Moline

    I have been unable to watch the pencil test since it says ‘(no video)’ no the screen. Anyway, I do hope this will be eventually featured as a bonus in a forthcoming Popeye DVD set.

  • Mike Luzzi

    This looks great, and what great effort to give New York it’s due. Well done, about time.

  • FP

    Watching these is more fun than watching the finished work. No dig at the Popeye cartoon involved, but seeing the process is always more interesting than seeing the result. I could watch pencil tests for hours.

  • Jen

    Which of you other animators watched this by scrubbing back and forth through the test? Haha.