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Animated Painting at San Diego Museum of Art

Animated Painting

The LA Times has an in-depth profile about the new “Animated Painting” exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art. The show, which runs through January 13, 2008, features “25 cinematic works by 14 international contemporary artists who adapt traditional painting and drawing methods to the concepts and technologies of animation.” Participating artists are the Barnstormers, Sadie Benning, Jeremy Blake, Sebastián Díaz Morales, Kota Ezawa, Ruth Gómez, William Kentridge, Ann Lislegaard, Takeshi Murata, Serge Onnen, Julian Opie, Wit Pimkanchanapong, Qiu Anxiong, and Robin Rhode.

Animated Painting
  • That´s funny… a short I made in 2005 comes to mind:
    The concept was to tell the (fictional) story of a painting and showcase the painter´s style (in our case Claude Monet) in the short as well. Shot on Mini-DV and painted frame by frame in Painter.
    you can see it here:
    Just click on the second picture from the top to view the (very short) short “Die Barke” (German for “the rowboat”).
    There is a youtube version available. For your viewing pleasure:

  • blub

    this looks real cool!