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Animation Attack! in Atlanta

Animation Attack

As part of the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, ASIFA-Atlanta will be presenting Animation Attack!. The three-screening series takes place this Thursday through Saturday, and includes one locally-produced Flash feature–John’s Arm: Armageddon–along with two programs of animated shorts. The shorts being screened are an eclectic mix of American and foreign indie animation including the Rauch Bros.’ German in the Woods, episodes of Augenblick Studios’s Golden Age series, Mathieu Labaye’s Orgesticulanismus and Blu’s wall animation Muto. For ticket info and full program line-up, visit

  • Thanks for mentioning the event, really wanted to go but I’ll be stuck in NYC. Many thanks to Brett Thompson and everyone at ASIFA-Atlanta for including us in this fest. Looking forward to getting down there one of these days!

  • christy

    brett rules!

  • Tim, you’re welcome any time! :)

    Amid, thank you so much for posting this!! We’ve worked hard on the festival, and I really love the films (I’m a bit biased, though, having picked several!), so I think it’ll be awesome.

    Also thanks to CartoonBrew for posting about a few of the films that we’re showing (e.g. Orgesticulanismus, which is breathtaking).

    Here’s the flyer for Animation Attack:

    Thanks again! We really really appreciate the press! :)

  • ahaha, wow thanks Christy!! :D

    We showed two of Christy’s films last year- “Space War” and “Bar Fight”! I freakin’ LOVE them, they’re totally brilliant! “Bar Fight” was particularly awesome because the venue was actually a bar/club, so people could be loud and yell at the film and stuff. It was great!

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    On Wednesday night, make sure you check out the “Max the Hero” cartoon, which was produced & directed by Mike Salva; written & performed by Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Michael J. Nelson. (You might know them from Rifftrax or Mystery Science Theater 3000.)