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Animation Bands to battle September 25th CANCELLED

A follow up to our 8/18 post about Women In Animation’s Battle of the Animation Bands. The battle is now on – and scheduled September 25th at 6 Point Harness Studios in Hollywood. The Battle of the Animation Bands has been postponed. New date to be set soon. “We are just postponing this event. Watch for the next date,” said Rita Street.

Women In Animation has announced three contestants for its rock concert/fundraising party: Bonsai Tribe, Groove Bazaar and Go-Go Global. They will go against each other and the audience will choose the ultimate star. Tickets can be purchased online at (Search for “Battle of the Animation Bands”). Each ticket includes two drink coupons. No one under 21 will be admitted. A trendy food truck will also be on site. Check with Women In Animation for more information.

  • Angry Anim

    Aw man…

    What I REALLY want to see is the Banana Splits against Yo-Gabba Gabba against Josie and the Pussy Cats against Jabberjaw and his band. It’s such a no brainer. Maybe even the Partridge Family in Space can make an appearance…. or Jem.

    I don’t remember those bands you listed from ANY cartoon.

  • Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood

    To me, the Splits will always be best known for their work later as the Insane Clown Posse.

  • Lance Falk

    I’ve had a long-running suspicion that The Banana Splits, The Monkeys, and Kiss are the same four dudes just riding whichever trend was the most popular that year…

    In the 70’s they added a few other guys for a run as The Village People.

  • Leirin

    Am I the only one who sees Monkeybone in that picture?