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Animation Book Look


Move over, UCLA Festival of Books and BookExpo America.

The 2nd annual Animation Book Look is the place to be. The Creative Talent Network and Van Eaton Galleries are presenting an all day book signing event on May 17th with appearances by a large number of artists and authors representing over seventy-five books. Everything from children’s books to artist’s sketchbooks, from illustration to fine-art, and from How To’s to History Of’s. Join me, along with Martha Sigall, Tom Sito, Rik Maki, Tony White, Willie Ito, Jim Smith, Amanda Visell, Stephen Silver, Maureen Furniss, Jon Gibson, Mike Kunkel and dozens more on Saturday May 17th, 2008 from 1:00pm-6:00pm.

13613 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA

The Animation Book Look is free and open to the public. Animation Magazine and MyToons are sponsoring the event. For a List of Authors and Books visit the website. You may pre-order signed and dedicated books online starting May 1st. If you have any questions, please call Van Eaton Galleries at 818-788-2357.

  • The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive will be there as well, with our complete database of thousands of animated cartoons and high resolution image scans. Stop by and say hello.

  • amid

    I hope they decide to compensate the participating writers fairly this year. I bowed out of their first ‘book look’ because of Van Eaton’s belief that writers don’t deserve to make any money from their book sales. Sheesh!

  • Marty M.

    I was hoping to see Eric Goldbergs name there!

  • Me too. Eric Goldberg wanted to participate but unfortunately his book will not be ready in time. However he will be having a book signing at Stuart NG’s booth at the ComicCon #4922. See, timing really “is” everything. :-)

    We also invited Don Hahn the editor of the forth coming book “Drawn To Life” by Walt Stanchfield but unfortunately it won’t be ready until later this year. Maybe we can talk him into giving us sneak peak!!

    Just added to the BookLook from Sony are: Marcelo Vignali, Chris Jenkins, Chris Buck, Armand Serrano, Ron Lukas, Michael Kurinsky, and Jill Culton.

    Hope to see you there. :-)

  • The way this event works is the Van Eatons foot the bill for promoting the event and the books. They sell the books and get a normal retail price for them. The author gets royalties from his publisher for the sale and a little free publicity. The general public gets to attend the event for free and meet some interesting authors. Everyone wins.

    Frank and Ollie could get away with charging booksellers for a personal appearance, but that wasn’t because they wrote a book. It was because they were Frank and Ollie. Those of us who will be at the Book Look aren’t in that league. We’re just a bunch of folks who love animation and want to get together with members of the public who have an interest in the subject. If you need a plane ticket or a place to stay, perhaps your publisher has some money in their promotion budget. It would be money well spent on their part. The event looks like it’s going to be very well attended.

    I’ll be there with copies of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive’s eBook of “Cartoons and Caricatures” by ZIM.

  • Nicole Aguilar

    Hey Amid,

    I was made aware of your comment on here and there is actually a misunderstanding. What you have stated is misleading and incorrect and I wanted to address this since, I was in fact the person you spoke with from Van Eaton Galleries first. We always partner with our participants so that everyone makes money from the books being featured. The misunderstanding is that you did not want to offer the gallery any part of the money because it is “Your Book”. In our discussion, I tried to explain to you the benefits of participating in the event. It is to expose the animation community to the amazing books that the featured participants have written that revolve around the world of animation. This is a free show we co-host with CTN. It is a show to bring the animation community together. We do not charge a table fee (for instance like Comicon) for participants to come, sell their books and receive free exposure to the fans, collectors and friends in the animation community. This event helps to strengthen the animation community, growth of friendships, support of each other in the industry or just animation fans and to keep people connected. You are the only person I have heard who has an issue with this event. Sorry you are confused about this, but I hope this clears up any misunderstanding at least to anyone who reads your posting. Please feel free to give me a call at the gallery any time to discuss this further (818) 728-0359.

    Sincerest regards,
    Nicole Aguilar
    Van Eaton Galleries Events Coordinator