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Animation Editing at the Academy

Next week, as part of it’s Perspectives on Editing series, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is hosting a seminar on Editing For Animation. Hosted by Academy Editor’s Branch Governors Donn Cambern (The Last Picture Show) and Mark Goldblatt (Teminator 2), the seminar will feature film clips and open discussion between audience and guests. Panelists include Kent Beyda (Scooby Doo), John Carnochan (Ice Age, The Simpsons Movie), Nancy Frazen (Runaway Brain, Surf’s Up), Lois Freeman-Fox (Fantasia 2000, Osmosis Jones) and Kevin Nolting (Up).

The event takes place at the Academy’s Linwood Dunn Theater on Vine St. on Tuesday September 29th 7:00-10:00pm. For more information and tickets, visit oscars.org.

  • Katella Gate

    Wow, this sounds like a really worthwhile event. Editing is a subject that never, ever gets discussed, but poor editing can ruin the presentation of the art.

    I’d love to make it if I could. Somebody tell me again why I moved from Palm Springs to Chattanooga?

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Hey Jerry – I know you chose the accompanying Daffy Duck screen grabs because they’re classic, and fit the topic so well. Just as food for thought, however: Chuck Jones always claimed Looney Tunes weren’t edited – not in the traditional sense, anyway. They had to be timed to the last nanosecond by the director, due to Leon Schlesinger’s supposed stinginess, (at least according to Jones.)