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Animators: Help Celebrate Ray Bradbury’s 90th Birthday

Ray Bradbury, Ward Kimball and Chuck Jones
Ray Bradbury (c.) with Ward Kimball and Chuck Jones

Lou Romano asked me to share this with Cartoon Brew readers. In honor of Ray Bradbury’s 90th birthday later this year, animation producer Steven Paul Leiva is putting together a collection of artwork that will be presented to Bradbury in the form of a printed book. Here is what he’s asking for:

We are putting out this call to all professionals in World Animation: If you would like to honor this great American author, and contribute to a unique gift, create a portrait or caricature of Ray, or illustrate a scene from one of his novels or short stories for inclusion in RAY BRADBURY: THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, a book and possible a DVD compilation of such work to be presented to Ray during RAY BRADBURY WEEK as a gift from the Animation community.

There are more details including how to submit artwork in the letter below from Leiva. Click on it to read a larger version.

Ray Bradbury Letter

  • George

    Oh man, what a cool idea! I wish I was a professional, I’d totally draw Ray. Perhaps I will anyway and just send him a birthday card. Very much looking forward to this book, and fingers crossed that Ray Bradbury week gets approved.

  • mrscriblam

    oh awesome i love bradbury

  • mrscriblam

    oh this contest is for professionals

    thats upsetting. i was looking forward to doing this :(

  • Jeffers

    So is this only going to be taking submissions from “animators”? What about other professional cartoonists, illustrators, and artists?

  • michael O’Kelly

    I am a professional artist, I have worked with Ray for 5 years and am director of the Ray Bradbury Theatre and Film Foundation and Festival in Ventura California. I have written a play about Ray which will be staged in Ojai in January. As we speak I am making Ray a 18’X18″ ceramic plaque which is a cartoon of Ray in space I will be presenting it to him just before his birthday, would you like to include that in your book?