Annecy Countdown Annecy Countdown

Annecy Countdown


One half of Cartoon Brew, namely me, will be attending the world’s largest animation festival next week. If you’re going too, drop a comment below. Lots of interesting programs slated for Annecy this year: a screening of the Israeli animated feature Waltz with Bashir, a celebration of Émile Cohl with live piano accompaniment by the festival’s artistic director Serge Bromberg, a presentation by Richard Williams, a lecture on Winsor McCay by John Canemaker, a sneak preview of Bibo Bergeron and François Moret’s new feature A Monster in Paris, two behind-the-scene presentations about the making of Jacques-Rémy Girerd’s new feature Mia et le Migou and the Irish feature Brendan and the Secret of Kells, Bill Plympton’s new feature Idiots and Angels screened in 35mm for the first time and the world premiere of Disney’s new short Glago’s Guest and Pixar’s latest short Presto. Sound like a decent week if you ask me.

  • andrew osmond

    Hi Amid, I’ll be there (Monday to Saturday morning). Maybe we can say hello; just drop me a line if you’re free. Looking forward to the festival too, alhough having seen a preview of Wall-E a couple of days ago, I doubt if there’ll be anything to top that. (My mini-review: It’s VERY good.)

    Dang it, I didn’t notice that Monster in Paris was being previewed – I really liked the glimpse I saw of it last year. What day is that on?

  • Yeah I’m going!!! I had a blast last year, and I’m pretty sure it will be the same this year. I organised a bus for my school ( HKU.NL ), and we have 2 students in the programme.
    I’ll hollah if I see you Amid ;)

  • I first went last year and I am going for more on sunday. I am looking forward to seeing more of “Monstre a Paris”, Pixar’s “Presto”, the Tex Avery restrospective, the talk by John Canemaker, “The secret life of Barry Purves”, participating to the sketchcrawl, visiting the Comic shop by the canal and plenty more.

  • I will be in Annecy too. Really looking forward to it!
    Will there be a cartoonbrew-booth or something?

  • joris

    I’m looking forward to the picnics and peddle boats ;)

  • David

    I won’t be making it, but the acceptance of my short “Pollenating” into the short film program is biggest thing that has happened to my animation career so far…

  • My good pal Mike Roush’s film entitled “Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl” will be shown in the shorts competition. He’s an awesome traditional animator hailing from the states and this is his first film! He’s amazing, and anybody going should check it out.

    If it’s allowed, here’s a link to his film’s official website:

  • I would love to meet you there so I could tell you more about the Sketchtravel’s backstages. Bill Plympton is part of the project. Hope to meet you between 9th and 15th.

  • rachel

    I’m going to try to make it for at least part of the week . . . for those around on the 12th you should consider joining the sketchcrawl:

  • Hi Amid,
    I’ll be there from Wednesday until Sunday but will mainly be paragliding. See you at the American bar no doubt.

  • Hi,i’ll be there as well.ok?

  • I can’t be there, so you go for me to see the presentation of Brendan and the Secret of Kells on wednesday :) Enjoy the festival!

  • Brad Bird

    Think you guys are going to like PRESTO.

  • Alfons Moline

    Hi Amid, greetings from your Spanish correspondent who contributed to Animation Blast #2 (wow! that´s a long time ago!). We had already met in Annecy in 2005 (I also had met Jerry there in 2001). I will attend the Festival on Friday and Saturday all day, so hopefully we will bump into each other.