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Annie Award Nominees 2009

ASIFA-Hollywood announced its nominees for the 2009 Annie Awards this morning.

For Best Animated Feature, Sony’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Laika’s Coraline, Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, Cartoon Saloon’s The Secret of Kells and Pixar’s Up were nominated.

Nods for Best Animated Television Production went to Michael Eisner’s Glenn Martin, DDS, Dreamworks’ Merry Madagascar, Disney’s Prep and Landing and The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror XX”. Best Animated Television Production for Children noms went to SpongeBob SquarePants, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Mighty B! and The Penguins of Madagascar.

Best Animated Short Subject nominations went to Pups of Liberty, Robot Chicken: Star Wars 2.5, The Rooster, The Crocodile and The Night Sky, The Story of Walls and Bill Plympton’s Santa, The Fascist Years.

Congratulations to all the nominees. Click HERE to see the complete list of nominees. Winners will be announced at the 37th Annual Annie Awards ceremony on Saturday, February 6, 2010, at UCLA’s Royce Hall, in Los Angeles. For tickets and information, visit the Annie Awards website.

  • Ethan

    Congrats to all !

    I’m glad that Cloudy is there, as it’s my second overall favorite film this year… but I haven’t seen Frog nor Secret of Kells yet (not released here).

  • Elikrotupos

    One thing i’ve never understood: are non-american/non-english language pictures considered for Annie Awards?
    I.e. why isn’t Ponyo nominated? And why at the Oscars there’s only one american animated short film nominated (Partly Cloudy) between ten shorts from all around the world, while the Annie nominees are all american?

  • Paul N

    I hope ASIFA-Hollywood does a better job of contacting it’s non-L.A.-metro members this year regarding voting. I wasn’t notified last year until a couple of hours before voting closed.

  • Wow, what a list,. I’m not sure how this list can be reduced to 5 for the academy. What would you cut out?

    I haven’t seen Kells or Fox yet, but from what I hear I think I’m really going to like those two.

  • Rob T.

    Spirited Away won the feature animation Annie for 2002. Other non-English-language features that have received nominations in the category since then are Millennium Actress, The Triplets of Belleville, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Howl’s Moving Castle, Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir.

    I suspect Ponyo would have been nominated in most years, but it was simply up against a strong set of movies this time. However, it was nominated for Hayao Miyazaki’s direction and Joe Hisaishi’s music.

  • To answer the comment about why are only American language pictures nominated for Annies?

    In the past the Annies have honored with nominations and awards Spirited Away, Howls’ Moving Castle, Persepolis, Steamboy, Waltzing With Bashir, Triplets of Belleville, Ghost in the Shell, the Man Who Planted Trees ( l’Homme Qui Plantait DesArbes), anything starring Wallace & Gromet, and more.
    And the Secret of Kells was created in Ireland.

    Thats’ just off the top of my pointed little head.

  • GSW

    Mary and Max?
    I would’ve liked to see Mary and Max nominated. I loved it.
    Personally, I liked the animation of Mr. Fox, but didn’t care much for the film itself.

  • G Melissa Graziano

    I agree with GSW about Mary and Max. I loved all the films nominated too (and although I’ve not seen Princess yet, but from what I have seen it’s amazing, and I’m really excited to see the whole thing), but my favorite film of the decade was Mary and Max. I hope the film at least sees Oscar love.

    I honestly don’t know which I’ll pick from the ones selected. They are all excellent films.

  • Robert

    Does it seem that certain nominations are a bit heavily weighted? For example: Princess and the Frog getting 3 out of 5 nominations for Character Animation is a bit off, in my opinion. I also was not blown away by the animation in Princess and the Frog. I thought it was well done, but nothing I have not seen. When I was at the last Annie awards, it seemed as if most of the voters were from the LA animation industry. Is this the case?

  • Congrats Myles, Danny and Michael! :)

  • Connie Pinko

    Coraline and Cloudy were my two favorite animated films this year. Kudos on their many nominations.

    And congrats to JG Quintel on his nomination as well. I went to school with the guy; it’s great to see his name up there.

  • Ethan

    Wow, they really don’t like Blu Sky.
    I thought at least Peter de Seve would be there.

  • CartoonCrazy

    I don’t see how not nominating Ice Age 3 says that they don’t like Blu Sky. Unless they have never had nominations in the past (I honestly wouldn’t know).

    Anyways, that’s a great list of nominees. Can’t wait to see who wins.

  • Mike!

    After last year’s burn where Dreamworks basically bought out the whole show, I don’t know how much I trust the Annie’s. Lots of odd choices here; for voice acting, no nomination for Ed Asner, but one for Hugh Laurie? I’m out.

  • Eric Graf

    Robert – I have absolutely no insider info about this year’s nominees, but I do know that you don’t get nominated unless you or your studio submits your stuff. That *could* be the explanation for the absence of certain names from the nominee list, or an excess of nominees from one particular movie.

    As for the voters being from the LA industry, well the organization is called ASIFA-Hollywood for a reason, although there is no residency restriction on ASIFA-Hollywood membership AFAIK. And unfortunately the ceremony itself doesn’t have quite as much draw for out-of-towners as the Oscars do. (Yet.)

    “The Secret of Kells” is running in Burbank starting Friday, and if you haven’t seen it, you should make every possible effort to do so sez I. It is a serious contender for the Best Feature award.

  • Sylvain

    Mike, I’m not sure I understand your point.
    Are you accusing both the asifa and dreakworks of bribery ?

  • Daniel M.

    Exactly how did Dreamworks ‘buyout’ the annies? I’d love to read a trustworthy source that states such a fact…especially since Annie’s do nothing to make a film do better at the box office outside of the small animation world we all live in picking up the dvd or renting it on netflix…

  • Sylvain

    Sorry. I’ll rephrase that.

    All of the big studios have many voting members in the asifa, and they don’t always vote for their own nominations. It’s the OTHER members that can prevent a studio from tilting the results too much.

    The reaction of the asifa was to remove the fans from the equation by letting only “animation professionals” vote in the individual achievements categories. With the recent patronizing attitude of some prominent members of the asifa here on the brew, against “fans”, it seems to me it’s business as usual for them.

    I assume you’re not even member, so why do you care ?

  • I’m an animator, a big fan of Pixar and a big fan of the sweet stop-motion of Coraline. But this year, for me, ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ is the best ‘animated’ film.

  • HM

    Congratulations to Bert & Jennifer on their nomination for Pups of Liberty!!

  • Greg Ehrbar

    It’s also interesting that Ponyo is nominated for director and score but not for the film itself.

  • Ethan

    I forgot to add a smiley there, I didn’t mean it literally, I should have said “It looks like they didn’t find anything good in Ice Age 3”. The film was severely flawed, but I thought a few people did a good job on it :-)

    That’s probably why the lowly members like myself can no longer vote.

  • Kevin Martinez

    Kung Fu Panda and Secrets of the Furious Five won in every category they were nominated in last year (something like half of them. Even the KFP video game won). Dreamworks was a gold sponsor last year, and I’ve heard from one animation insider that DW pays for its employees to become ASIFA members, so skepticism isn’t out of place.

    Either way, the nominations this year almost seem like they’re trying to prevent the same thing from happening again. DW only gets 3 noms in the film categories, against a greater number of more formidable opposing films. They also have 9 TV noms for their specials, but again given the opposition, DW sweeping everything this year is probably not a foregone conclusion.

  • Ethan

    Be careful with that pesky selective memory of yours. Incredibles, Wallace and Gromit and Ratatouille have also won all the categories the previous years.

    Dreamworks this year had a single, sub-par, inconsitent film. That’s why it’s nowhere to be found in the nominations. Well, it should have been in “effects”, but that’s just me… I also doubt the asifa will ever add a “best stereoscopic direction” category, which McNally would win every year.

    I hate what the asifa has done to their members this year, but there’s nothing shady about the sponsorship. Disney pays a lot more than Dreamworks anyway. Disney has 4 silver, which is a lot more expensive than 1 gold, There’s no… fucking… conspiracy.

    If the members don’t vote, what the fuck do you think happens ?

  • Dan

    Where are the Clone Wars nominations?

  • shellie k

    The production value of “Pups of Liberty” is amazing ! Congrats Jenn and Bert ! Good Luck!

  • Scott

    “Where are the Clone Wars nominations?”

    Well, it got what it deserved. It’s terrible, all the way around. It goes on and on and on and on, and nothing ever happens. It’s almost as if they didn’t write or storyboard ANYTHING. It’s just awful.

  • Ethan

    Oups sorry, I missed it, MvA IS nominated for Effects, yay :-)

  • Kevin Martinez


    You’re right about The Incredibles, Wallace and Gromit: COTWR, and Ratatouille. However, like I said Secrets of the Furious Five also swept all of the categories it was nominated in (something no individual Pixar or Aardman short as done), leading to Dreamworks getting almost 2/3’s of last years Annie’s.

    Either way, this year seems like its designed to keep one film from dominating everything, possibly as a reaction to previous years. MvA is excluded from most of the big categories, and Up faces fierce competition from Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Princess and the Frog (all of which have to win at least one award, lest ASIFA provides more fuel for accusations of foul play)

  • Lou

    To Elikrotupos,

    Just to let you know not all the shorts are American; ‘The Rooster, The Crocodile and The Night Sky’ was made in Ireland.
    (And its great, go rooster!)

  • 3-D Trend

    No Lou Romano nomination for Up?
    …but we get Ian Gooding for Frog Princess.

  • Ethan

    (sorry, this is my last post about this, I promise)

    “Either way, this year seems like its designed to keep one film from dominating everything, possibly as a reaction to previous years.”

    This year, there’s been more equally great productions than any other year in the history of animation. Those will obviously be spread according to the strength of each production. It seems to me the nominations reflect that fact, they couldn’t possibly have “decided” such a situation would happen this year !

    “all of which have to win at least one award, lest ASIFA provides more fuel for accusations of foul play”

    That doesn’t make any sense. You are obviously dead set on seeing foul play, manipulated results, or bribery, while ignoring the hard facts. I can’t continue to argue with someone who ignores facts.

    All I see last year is a bias from the “voting members”, that means those who took the time to vote. Al I see this year is the asifa reacting to this by adjusting the rules (the wrong way, of course). You have any other conspiracy theories ?

  • kate

    yo, this is awesome my uncle was nomanated

  • I have to admit I’m disappointed that Mary and Max wasn’t selected, though I’m glad to see Secret of Kells on there. I liked Mr. Fox all right, but it really didn’t move me the way Mary and Max did.

    I like “Santa, The Fascist Years”- Plympton told me he did it really fast. It was based on holiday cards he drew, I think, and he animated it over a Thanksgiving holiday! I think that’s awesome. Hope I’m remembering the details right. I first saw it at Annecy Plus!

  • THE MIGHTY B! got 3 nominations! Awesome!

    And, as for Best Animated Film, there is some obscenely strong competition, as several great films were made this year. I can see UP winning, but I’m also rooting for CORALINE.

  • AC

    The only way one can call “Clone Wars” terrible is if they’ve never seen it. The fact it didn’t get nominated beyond score is ludicrous, and indicative of the culture of mediocrity lauded in TV animation.