Annie Awards coverage Annie Awards coverage

Annie Awards coverage

Annie Awards photo

Photos and article about the Annies at I enjoyed this excerpt from the article about Jerry receiving his award from June Foray:

Foray listed the many achievements of recipient Jerry Beck, far too many to place here, including his blog – though she admitted, “I don’t have a computer so I haven’t seen it,â€? to the amusement of the audience.

(photo above, l. to r.: Jim Smith, Steve Worth, Mike Fontanelli, Eddie Fitzgerald)

  • Paul N

    I mentioned this in Jerry’s thread, but since this one’s about Annie coverage…

    In the San Jose Mercury News this morning, there was a brief article about the Annies on page 3 of the front section. That’s the part of the paper that carries entertainment news, and it was nice to see the Annies mentioned there.

  • My, what dashing men they are. The epitome of manliness.

  • Paul E. Karp

    I heard that Steve Worth didn’t write a speech, but had a great storyboard of all the people he wanted to thank.

  • eddie

    woo! jim smith cleaned up last time i saw him at comic con!

  • Zep

    “I got the horse right here/his name is Paul Revere”

  • Magnusson

    Skit! Worth dresses like that in public?

  • N’SYNC HAS N’SUNK! But Justin Timberlake still wears a Rat Pack Sinatra-Style Fedora like the GQ Stud he’ll ALWAYS be!

  • Billy Batz

    Is that Marlon Brando?

  • R

    “We got a thing called the Napoleonic code, Stella”

  • PCUnfunny

    All the Spumco playas in one photo. Hell yeah !

  • Steve Gattuso

    Just a note that today’s Cold Hard Flash also covers the Annies, and will later have an interview with Johnathan Gay, Robert Itsumi, and Gary Grossman for their work on the software.

    P.S. Nope, Steve does not always dress like that. Sometimes he dresses flamboyantly. (Not that I could talk. I was wearing a suede jacket that looked like I’d shot a sofa and skinned it on the way to the ceremony.)

  • Arnaud

    Spümco is alive !