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Art Deco In Animation Presentation


The American Cinematheque and the Art Deco Society are presenting a lecture by David Pacheco, Walt Disney Art Classics creative art director, who will detail the history of Art Deco design in the art of film animation. A special focus of the presentation is on the deco stylization of Walt Disney’s FANTASIA (1940), along with examples of animation from various Max Fleischer short cartoons including Betty Boop and Superman. Hopefully they will screen Page Miss Glory, Merry Mannequins, and All’s Fair At The Fair (pictured above). The seminar will take place at the Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd. on Saturday March 22nd at 2pm. Admission: Cinematheque and Art Deco Society members $5; Student/Senior $8; General admission $10. For more info visit the Egyptian Theatre website

  • I gotta relocate to Los Angeles so I can go to all these events!

  • Jon

    I love the old art-deco cartoons, unfortunatly however I cannot come to this event. Would it be possible to get a list of the films that were screened or discussed after the event?

  • I echo that sentiment! It sounds like a fascinating evening with some wonderful cartoons. I wish I could justify going!

  • Chuck R.

    Larry, I know exactly how you feel! (Jerry, those are fantastic screen grabs!)
    Fortunately, I live in Cincinnati, and when I’m jonesin for some amazing art deco, I can take the kids here:

    No place like it on earth.

  • red pill junkie

    That image from the left looks like a 1930’s version of Cinderella’s castle! :-)

  • Ted

    The Silly Symphony “Musicland” is another prime Art Deco example.

  • alex Kirwan

    Hey Jerry,
    Remember doing something similar to this for our Teenage Robot ASIFA event a few years back? I know we screened Miss Glory and Mannequins, too bad we didn’t have time for All’s Fair, it’s always been one of my favorites. I recall also discussing the Little King shorts and Donald’s Modern Inventions ( as other possible contenders. I’ll be very excited to attend this event.

  • Roger Freedman

    I believe this event is co-sponsored by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles (, not the Art Deco Society of California ( I’ve seen David’s presentations before, and this will be an event not to be missed!

  • Will they be from 35mm nitrate negatives w/ orginial titles?

    Who would want to see a huge UM&M shield on a big screen anyways?? That is illogicial, because UM&M was a TV distrubutor!

    And I do not want them to be from a DVD or dumb ol’ raw 16mm dupes.

    By the way, Jerry, where did you get this bright orginial print?