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ASIFA-East Award Winners

Fantaisie in Bubblewrap

The winners have been announced for America’s longest continually-running animation award–the 39th ASIFA-East Animation Festival. The top prize, Best in Show, went to Fantaisie in Bubblewrap, the promising debut of young filmmaker Arthur Metcalf, whose work has previously been profiled on the Brew. Other works that I was pleased to see recognized include Germans in the Woods by the Rauch brothers, A Letter to Colleen by Andy and Carolyn London, Compost by Visual Voice, and The Upstate Four by Fran Krause and Will Krause, the latter being one of the more impressive TV show pilots I’ve seen in a while.

  • Tom Pope

    Brewer-ees, comment on something of import! These people are propelling the medium.

  • Aw, shucks. Thanks for the compliment.

  • DanO

    I was about to rattle off accolades for Fran Krause but here he is already so it would be awkward. Fran, you jumped the gun.

  • wufners

    I’d love to comment, and apparently am, but alas . . . I haven’t seen any of these films and thus have nothing to add. Those little bubble guys are pretty cute, though. Looks liek fun.

    Here’s a big ol’ “atta boy!” to you and your brother, Fran. Your show is on Cartoon Network, yes? I’ll hope to run it across!

  • Karten Aqua’s SENSORIUM deserves special mention. It’s another stunningly beautiful work from this fine filmmaker.

  • We’re currently writing and storyboarding the next episodes, so we hope to get the green light from Cartoon Network soon! I wish I could put the pilot up on YouTube, but I think Ted Turner and Yogi Bear would break my knees. Contract stuff.

  • bubble wrap is rad. good job arthur metcalf. even though you’re a homosexual.

  • the krause brothers are nuts. as has been said by many others, just that r. crumb inspired shot of the psycho-scout… ahhh how lovely!

  • Wow, I can’t wait to see “The Upstate Four”!! I’m a big fan of the beautiful animation the Krause brothers make!

    And “Germans in the Woods” is amazing. If you’re curious about how it was made, take a look at the excellent writeup Tim did:


    I got to meet Tim and a few ASIFA-East folks on a visit to NYC; they were most welcoming and really fun to hang out with :)

    I haven’t seen “Fantaisie in Bubblewrap” yet but from what I learned about the awards it’s an exceptionally democratic process so it’s sure to be great! :)

    I wish I’d been able to come to this- I hope I make it next year!

    Congrats to ASIFA-East for putting this together :)

    -Brett W. Thompson, President of ASIFA-Atlanta

  • This year was a very good crop. I enjoyed most of the winners very much. A big congrats to Fran and Will, even though my compliment might get lost.

    Arthur Metcalf’s FANTASY IN BUBBLEWRAP is a huge suprise. A good suprise that is. How often does a debut film win the Top Prize?

    A couple of fellow Pratt animators won honorary mention. A big congrats to Joy and Noelle Vacesse, even though their film didn’t have enough time to screen.

  • Taylor Armstrong

    Twas my first time at the awards ceremony, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s not often that I’m that content for 3 hours.

    The Dora the Explorer spoof had me giggling pretty hard. At first I figured it was just another spinoff, until the lunacy began.

    And it was nice to see Adventure Time on the big screen, as I’ve just been seeing it on YouTube and sites of the sort for the past 2 years it seems. (which I was also confused by, since it seems a tad old for competition)

  • Dave Levy

    Hi All,

    Taylor, Adventure time was made in the past two years which makes it still able to enter competition at our festival. Most festivals have the two year policy as we do.