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BAFTA awards “Toy Story 3” and “The Eagleman Stag”; Randy Newman wins a Grammy

Award Season continues: The British Academy Awards were announced last night in London. Congratulations to Pixar for winning Best Animated Feature – and to Michael Please for The Eagleman Stag winning in Best Animated Short. Complete list of BAFTA winners here.

On a related note: Toy Story 3 also won a Grammy last night for “Best Score, Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media”. Congrats to Randy Newman for this win.

  • Horza

    The Eagleman Stag is amazing, im shocked i dont see more about it on animation websites, congrats!

  • Some girl

    Congrats, an no offense though, but HTTYD’s score was way better. But i guess it wasn’t even nominated..shame.

    • Ryan

      Show me something on the HTTYD soundtrack that approaches “You Got Lucky” or “So Long”.

      You can’t.

      Congrats Randy.

      • Some Girl

        Sure I can..
        This is Berk
        test drive
        Forbidden friendship
        and pretty much the whole soundtrack. The celtic vibe ans sweeping moments of epicness and beauty was all in the OST.
        lets not get into a debate about this with that sarcasticness. i was simply giving my opinion.

      • mjg

        I whole-heartedly agree … HTTYD’s score is perhaps the most amazing soundtrack of any film in recent memory.

        I enjoyed TS3, though. I saw it on an airline flight from ORD to SFO. At the end, there was not a dry eye on the plane. (Myself included!) However, HTTYD was a far more compelling film, IMHO.

    • Animate ED

      HTTYD’s score was way better then The King’s Speech; so should have at least won best score at the Baftas.

  • Some girl

    Well, I would like to add that HTTYD did get nominated for an, eI guess Toy Story 3 HAD to get everything..
    But still, congrats!

  • Woo-hoo! Go Mikey! The Eagleman Stag is AMAZING.