Bakshi Chat at Comic Con Bakshi Chat at Comic Con

Bakshi Chat at Comic Con


The ASIFA-Hollywood panel with Ralph Bakshi will be a particular highlight at the Comic Con next week. The blurb for this event posted online was not accurate. Here’s the correct description:

ARTISTS ONLY: A Chat With Ralph Bakshi

Ralph Bakshi is responsible for some of the most wildly original animated features ever made- including Heavy Traffic, Coonskin and Wizards. Working in a largely collaborative medium hide-bound by the legacy of Walt Disney, Bakshi was able to rip the lid off of the moribund medium and create films with remarkable honesty and a startlingly unique point of view.

The legendary cartoonist Ralph Bakshi will be on hand to be interviewed by ASIFA-Hollywood Archive Director Stephen Worth on his life and career. He will be offering advice to aspiring cartoonists and reflecting on what it means to be an artist in today’s world. Whether you’re lucky enough to make a living doodling or whether you still dream of being paid to create, you won’t want to miss this important presentation.

Don’t miss it – Saturday, July 26th 4:30 – 5:30 in Room 10.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Man! I’d love to be there. I hope it gets recorded!

  • Jon Reeves

    OK, then apart from who’s doing the interviewing, how does this differ significantly from the 10:15 panel in room 6B? Or is that description all wrong, too?

  • Jules White

    Steve Worth’s name was not included originally. It should be, as it was Steve’s idea to even do this event.

  • Please make a video and post it here. Being up here in Seattle does not allow me to make it.

  • The 10:15 panel is a discussion of his career for fans of his films. The panel I will be moderating at 4:30 is an informal chat about his life as an artist. It’s going to be focused on advice on how one becomes an artist, how an artist thinks and creates, and the issues that face artists in the animation business today. There are fewer and fewer true artists in animation as time goes by, and even fewer cartoonists. Ralph is both. That makes him unique… perhaps the last of his kind.