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Beatnik Animation at the Silent Movie Theater

Next Tuesdsay night at 8pm, I’ll be presenting a program of animation reflecting the styles, language and music of the Beat Generation. The screening will take place at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood (on Fairfax and Melrose), continuing my series of first-Tuesday-of-each-month animation spectaculars there. Rare film prints and video will be screened and the program will include independent films, TV cartoons (though not any Dick Tracy cartoons with Heap O’Calorie and Nick, as pictured above). We will screen works by Ernest Pintoff, Bob Clampett, Jay Ward and others. Grab an Espresso and join me next week. It’ll be cool, Daddy-o! More info here.

  • What an amazing lineup !! It was cartoons, stylistically and thematically that inspired a bunch of us at Calabash Animation to make our film BOTNIK ! which just appeared at Comic-Con and LAShorts fest.

    May their bongos beat forever !

  • I learned about the Beat Generation last year!

  • Great, now I have more west coast jealousy… should be cool!

  • My Mummy DaddyO likes this gig! Crazy Man!

  • s.w.a.c.

    I imagine there’ll be a trip to the Hungry I-land to visit the Wild Man of Wildsville:


    You can’t miss him, he’s just past the Lenny Spruce outside the Green Witch Village.

    Not to mention the Hubleys’ The Hole with Dizzy Gillespie:


  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I fondly remember Mr. Magoo having a run-in with a couple beatniks, as well as some cameo beatnik appearances in the Beatles’ cartoon series episode set to “I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party.” Hope they make it onto the playlist; I’ll be stuck here in Michigan.

  • NicKramer

    What about “Banity Raid” (1963) with Foghorn?

  • cliffclaven

    This may or may not qualify, but “Extremely Goofy Movie” had a black-clad beat poetess as a prominent character (although she never got a name, listed as “Beret Girl”).

    That was one strange film. Better looking than a lot of Disney DVD product, it was packed with mismatched stereotypes and cliches spanning several decades (the 50’s coffee shop, the dazed hippie sidekick, the 60’s-70s “rich kid” frat, 80’s skateboarding, etc.), yet the plot was all about Goofy being out of date with his 70’s references. You’d think somebody would have noticed early in the writing.

  • Kevin Schreck

    I’ve been wanting to go for weeks, but my schedule won’t allow it…

  • You gonna include the Beatle Bailey cartoon where he visits the beatnik sculpter who sez he never gets high before lunchtime?