Call for Entries: Athens Animation Festival Call for Entries: Athens Animation Festival

Call for Entries: Athens Animation Festival

Cartoon Brew is proud to be a media sponsor of the Athens Animation Festival, a first-year event that will take place in upstate New York. The festival, organized by East Coast animation producer Lisa Thomas, has a unique and worthy mission to showcase non-commercial animated films that speak about the human condition. More specifically:

The goal of the Athens Animation festival is to provide a venue to exhibit animaton with a message to the public and to foster an appreciation for social/political animaton while generating a dialogue within the community. In a time when animation is often created primarily to serve commercial needs or presented strictly as entertainment, our festival seeks to program animation with a strong message about the world we live in and the problems, joys, fears and issues we face, be they personal, local or global.

The festival will take place on Saturday, September 15, in Athens, which is two hours north of New York City. The deadline to submit films to the festival is July 1. Submission forms are located on the festival website.

  • yes!! Go Lisa!

  • Ed

    There seems to be a recurring pattern of contrast with American animation festivals and European animation festivals,
    European festivals – no entry fee
    American festivals – mostly have entry fees
    Why is this trend?
    Also many American festivals seem to charge an early bird fee and later entry fee (which is still before deadline).
    Im guessing there is less arts funding in America maybe?

    • varun mehta

      why do they ask for an entry fee ? there is no guarantee of our movie winning something so why should we pay ? Festivals should not charge any entry fees IMO