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Cartoon Dump Live – Tonight!


Citizens of Los Angeles – please note: tonight we are once again presenting Cartoon Dump Live at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. That’s Joel Hodgson (creator, Mystery Science Theatre 3000) above with Dumpster Diver Dan. He once again joins our regulars Frank Conniff (Moodsy), Erica Doering (Compost Brite), Eddie Pepitone (Morty the New-Age Agent), Joe Keys (Hangover Hound), along with a new character, Lizzy Cooperman (as Quack Whore), and guest comedian Blaine Capatch. It’s our Halloween show, so expect some scary cartoons and a visit from a friendly ghost. And free candy!

The fun starts at 8pm. Ticket info here.

  • i pray to God that you’ll “take pictures” for the countless who AIN’T in L.A.!! Ohhhhhhhh, how I’d love to attend these gold mines!! Even Casper, too!? Wow! I’m sure you’ll have some Harveys, indeed!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Casper? Egad, Jerry, are your standards slipping? Compared to the other works you’ve showcased, Casper would be a step UP.

  • So that’s where Joel Hodgson is? What else has he been up to?
    Last I heard anything of him it was in a story years ago about Ernie Kovacs; he was visiting Edie Adams and going through Ernie’s ephemera.

    “Dumpster Diver Dan”–that’s pretty good.

  • Joel still looks pretty good for his age. I wish he’d do some Rifftracks with Mike Nelson.

  • Robert Igoe

    Any chance of taking this show on the road for those of us on the East Coast who would love to see it but can’t get to LA?

  • Robert – Good news for you. We are planning to bring CARTOON DUMP to New York starting in January. The details will be posted soon.

    Jenny and Brandon – Joel has some exciting new projects that he will announce very soon… hang in there.

  • Jay

    Wish I was in L.A. to see the show! With much love to Buf Badger, Moodsy, and Compost Brite, I hope we see some of the “extended cast” show up in the DUMP podcast… especially Dumpster Diver Dan.

  • HOLY CRAP n’ CRUD!, I wish you’d make a liveshow a podcast soon… or is the plan to make Live Dump a DVD release?

  • Hey Jerry,

    For the next great ocassion for Cartoon Dump- here’s another Famous Studios cartoon you, Dumpster Diver Dan, Moodsy, and Buf can find. It’s a certian sing-along farm cartoon that gets on every animation fan’s nerves! And you could also get the 35mm UCLA negative. I haven’t seen the full opening for 7 years! It’s 1940’s, but who cares? Maybe you could do this for Thanksgiving- or if you just want to pound your head on the desk just because of my request- do a cheesy thanskgiving special from the 50’s from any obscure studio.