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Cartoon Dump: New York and L.A.


New York: The worst cartoons ever made, live music, and subversive comedy return. Cartoon Dump once again visits the Big Apple this Tuesday, Feb. 19th at 8pm, at Comix 353 W. 14th St. (Just east of 9th Ave.). Special comedy guest: Rena Zager. Order Advance Tickets HERE or call the box office (212) 524-2500.

Next week, back in Los Angeles Cartoon Dump continues its monthly performances at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Our February show is on Tuesday, February 26th at 8pm, with special comedy guest star Morgan Murphy.

It’s a great big load of fun. Don’t take my word for it… read Peter Sanderson’s review at Quick Stop Entertainment. Join us this month!

  • Pedro Nakama

    I bought a Winky Dink kit a few years ago. The people who put that show together were pioneers in interactive television.

    I also consider Elvis Presley a pioneer in interactive television when he shot up a television set in a Las Vegas hotel room.

  • Well finally something on the Brew about this! For a long time, the Comix website has listed Cartoon Dump events on 2/19 and 3/11, but I wasn’t sure why there was nothing on the Brew about those events … and I was wondering whether you’d be there.

  • I had the Winky Dink kit, put the plastic winky screen on the TV screen, my Dad walked in watching football, had no idea a sheet was over the screen, he only saw me practicing to be John Madden drawing on the TV-Thank God my Mom walked by and yanked away the winky screen covered in crayon, leaving the game screen clean, my Dad dumbfounded, my keister spared, and my Winky Dink Kit, not so much fun after all.

  • Christopher Cook

    I passingly remember Winky Dink, but I wasn’t a Winky Dink child. I was into another of Jack Barry’s television brainchildren–“Concentration.”

  • ron

    Although I don’t remember Winky Dink and Yee I thought that it was fantastic. This show is far better than anything that I’ve seen on Broadway. Frank Conniff and who ever else is responsible for this show are genuises. Buff Badger is a rare Goddess. I also love Sissy Kafka, and Compost Bright.