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Cartoon Dump News


The photo above is from our Halloween show in October. Don’t ask me to explain.

Needless to say Cartoon Dump continues on every month at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Our Christmas show is next Tuesday December 18th at 8pm. Our special holiday guest comedian this month will be J. Elvis Weinstein (the original Tom Servo on MST3K and the proprietor of Stinkburger), and our cartoons will be the coal in your stocking.

We are also bringing the Dump to New York City starting next month! We will be at Comix on West 14th Street on January 8th at 8pm. Join us!

  • Steve Gattuso

    I can’t make it this week. My car is kaput and I have to wait for the insurance company to set me up with replacement wheels. :cries:

  • Don’t I see Tom Sito in black on the right, holding a microphone (And possibly giving an oration in Latin)?