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Cartoon Dump on Tuesday

No, it’s not a bunch of crazed furries. It’s Frank Conniff and the cast of Cartoon Dump, our monthly live comedy and cartoons showcase in Hollywood. This month we will have guest comedian Dana Gould (The Simpsons) adding to the madness. Join Moodsy, Compost Brite, Cue Card Goddess and me, Jerry Beck, Tuesday, February 24th at 8 PM, for an evening of hilarious comedy, demented songs, and really, really awful cartoons — at the Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd. (two blocks west of Vermont). Map here, reserve tickets here. See you there!

  • AnthroCoon

    Oh please, don’t paint us furries with a broad brush :)

    I will say I just saw “DVD’s Frank” tonight in Somerville MA as part of Cinematic Titanic–hilarious! I hope Cartoon Dump can make it to Boston…someday? (One of the actors in the wretched movie–The Dynamite Brothers–was Aldo Ray, aka Mussel Mutt of the Houndcats.)

  • JP

    Aside from the first 4 shows on your MySpace page, is there any other way to watch Cartoon Dump online?

  • Rose

    It, would, be great to be able to buy a copy of these performances online. Those of us who must be satisfied finding humor only in the Robinson Caroso like naming of the fruit called Orange (did the color pre date the finding of the fruit?)…need something like this to remind us what humor really is.

  • Steve Gattuso

    “Oh please, don’t paint us furries with a broad brush :) ”

    That’s right, because a roller is far, far more efficient. 8)

  • Gobo

    You were there at the Somerville too, AnthroCoon? I saw the show last night — “Blood of the Vampire”, a Philipino movie with actors pretending to be Mexicans and running around in terrible blackface. The Cinematic Titanic crew is bringing the MST3K magic back.

  • Robert Barker

    So why did Laura Kitelinger not perform at the last one as advertised?

  • Robert Barker – Laura could not make it last month due to illness. We only found out at the last moment. Things like this happen with live shows. Laura will be with us on a future Cartoon Dump show.

    And for those who’d like to see the show outside of L.A. – we are always willing to bring the show to comedy clubs, theaters and college campuses. We are open to doing road shows. Also, we are preparing to shoot a half hour TV pilot in April and hope to shop it to appropriate cable networks in the following months. So cross your fingers for us. As The Monkees sang: “So you better get ready, we may be comin’ to your town!”

  • AnthroCoon

    GOBO: I was only at the Sat night show, which had “The Dynamiite Bros.”, as I had to work Fri night

    Jerry: looking forward to any road shows & TV version!