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Cartoon Dump on Tuesday Night

I’m just back from Ottawa and hung over from a week of watching great animation. Tomorrow night is the antidote: Cartoon Dump, our monthly live comedy and cartoons showcase in Hollywood. We will have guest comedian John Fugelsang adding to the madness. Join Moodsy, Compost Brite, Officer Pete, Dumpster Diver Dan, Cue Card Goddess and me, Jerry Beck, Tuesday, September 23rd at 8 PM, for an evening of hilarious comedy, demented songs, and really, really crappy cartoons.

It’s again at the Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd. (two blocks west of Vermont). Map here, see you there!

  • I saw something about this in LA Weekly. It sounds like a hoot. Sadly I can’t make it. Maybe next time.

  • FP

    More download episodes for free, please.

  • Paul N

    A hoot! Get it? Moodsy the clinically-depressed owl is in the cast! Bwaha! :0)

    Seriously, every time you put on one of these I wish I lived in SoCal.

  • i’d be thrilled as punch for downloads for PAY, pleez!!