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Cartoon Dump Post-Oscar Show

One night after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences salutes excellence in film, Cartoon Dump is back saluting crappiness in cartoons! Now in our 5th year – join MST3K’s Frank Conniff as “Moodsy, the Clinically Depressed Owl”, comedian Erica Doering as “Compost Brite”, the infamous J. Elvis Weinstein as “Dumpster Diver Dan” and me, in Hollywood, on Monday February 27th at 8pm. And we are joined this month by special stand-up comedy guest Dana Gould (The Simpsons), Emo Philips returning as Cartoon Musicologist Professor Emo, and comedy/burlesque sensation Kasey Wilson! Fun! Fun! Fun! And Bucky and Pepito! Click here for more info!

  • I’m gonna miss your show, Jerry >sob< but at least I can dig that INSANELY GREAT — or is that "insanely great"? — film box art! (Is that an Icthyosaurus?) Thanks, pal!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Just noticed that movie box came from the UK. No one expects Bucky & Pepito!

  • Steve Gattuso

    It’s been a while since I last saw the show. I’ll have to make this one.

    As for that box art, it’s a pity the show was never as exciting.

  • John A

    What the hell are “Mountain Movies”, and why did they need to show eight of them? If there are eight mountain movies, why does the cover art fail to show even a single mountain? I just want the facts, that’s all.

    • David Breneman

      I’m guessing that that’s some lame graphic artist’s attempt at a logo that depicts them as a source of 8mm movies. …But that’s just a guess.