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Cartoon Dump Tuesday June 24th


Live comedy! Horrible animation! And the return of “Dumpster Diver Dan”!

In case you’ve forgotten, Cartoon Dump lives on, live in Los Angeles every 4th Tuesday of the month at the Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd. Read our press! LA Review, Peter Sanderson at Quick Stop Entertainment, An interview with Compost Brite.

Hope to see you on Tuesday June 24th when we welcome this month’s special guests: Dana Gould (Simpson’s producer writer and comedian), actor-comedian-cartoon voice actor Ron Lynch and the original Tom Servo, J. Elvis Weinstein, as “Dumpster Diver Dan” (pictured with me above). If you haven’t been to the show in a while, we’ve got lots of new material (both comedy and animated) – and the Steve Allen Theatre is air-conditioned! Buy advanced tickets here!

  • Hey! June 24 is my birthday. Sadly, I won’t be there. I’ll be too busy here working. I do believe that day is a major deadline for us.

    Oh well, I’ll attend Cartoon Dump someday.

  • I thought I would give you another comment to this blog. People, go see this show! I did and I wish I lived closer so I could go….

  • I would buy tickets if I could, but I live approx. 1 million gazillion miles from L.A. (which is getting further in distance due to high gas prices). Any chance us penniless Zoidberg-like folks can get some Dump dumped on us via the ‘net?

  • Steve Gattuso

    I shall endeavor to be there with bells on.

  • Jess

    Yeah, whatever happened to Cartoon Dump online?

    Wasn’t there a YouTube or MySpace page for a while?

  • But how does people watch it “online” (like they used to!) I am happy to pay the fee to do so online. Pleez (re-) tell us (all) how to view CD…..we miss it!!

  • AtomB

    This site needs more pictures of Jerry! Narcissism Brew!!!!!

  • Jess,

    All six online episodes of “Cartoon Dump” can be found on the Cartoon Brew Films website at

  • Dr. Shrinker just bounces back to the main page, where I’ve searched for the link to cbfilms…any more clues?

  • amid

    The episodes are all up on Youtube.

  • Anyone remember Dana Gould’s Thunderbirds parody Super Adventure Team (long before Parker and Stone’s Team America: World Police)?