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Cartoon Dump w/Patton Oswalt

As many of you know, every month (on the fourth Tuesday evening) I co-produce a comedy/cartoon show, Cartoon Dump, at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood. If you are in the area, this month will be a great one to drop in on. It’s our annual Halloween show and our “treat” is special comedy guest is Patton Oswalt (see Update below). The “trick” is a bunch of really horrible cartoons like Mighty Mr. Titan, Super President and an appearence by a certain friendly ghost.

UPDATE: Due to a changed shooting schedule, Patton Oswalt will not be in tonight’s Cartoon Dump show. Patton sends his regrets and promises to return in a future Cartoon Dump show. Filling in for Patton tonight will be a comedian so awesome that he can only be described right now as “Special Surprise Guest!

Join us this Tuesday, October 28th, at 8pm. The Steve Allen Theater is located at 4773 Hollywood Blvd (two blocks west of Vermont Ave.). You can buy advanced tickets here!

  • I just got my ticket and I cant wait for this to happen. I saw him last night at the Melrose Improv and he was amazing as always. Anybody who lives in L.A. and doesn’t go to this is crazy.

  • EatRune

    Awwww, I wish I could go. Patton is really funny. Will anything about Ratatouille be mentioned? :D

  • Paul N

    So are we to never see another installment of the Dump here on the site?

  • Steve Gattuso


    I’ve never heard Patton say a thing about the movie outside of the press run at the performances of his I’ve seen, so I’d doubt it.

    It’s going to be a most glorious evening.

    Say, if it’s the Halloween show, are customers also encouraged to show up in costume?

  • Gobo

    Patton often riffs on his role as Remy during his stand-up act, mostly talking about how awesome/creepy it is to see kids dressed as Remy at Halloween and suppressing the desire to run up to them and say in Remy’s voice, “Hey kids, you’re inside me!!!”

  • Actually, Patton has a bit in his act about trick or treaters coming to his door dressed as Ratatouille – so expect to hear that.

  • Thomas

    The show was incredible, “Built with 100% AWESOME!” as the kids say these days. I hope they will bring the show up to the S.F. Bay Area, or even better, I hope it gets picked up by Comedy Central.