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Cartoon Fight Club

For my Cinefamily animation screening this month we’re going twelve rounds with an all-star championship card that pits Tom vs. Jerry, Popeye vs. Bluto, and Bugs vs The Crusher. I’ve compiled a brutal collection of animation’s “funniest beatings” (as John K. might say); headbanging, eye-bulging cartoon entertainment they don’t show on TV anymore, with rare 35mm and 16mm film prints (including several in Technicolor).

Join us tonight (4/6) at 8pm, in Hollywood, at the CineFamily/Silent Movie Theatre.
And remember the first rule of Cartoon Fight Club — tell everyone about Cartoon Fight Club!

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  • lampshade

    Porky and Daffy is one of the funniest cartoons I’ve ever seen!

  • CurlehMustache

    Looks amazing. Wondering if I can make it in time from work.

  • diego

    If I’d live in L.A, I’d go to all this kind of things.

  • Mr. Pencil

    Man, I would love to see that print of ‘Puppet Murder Case’ in person or, better yet, own it on DVD!

  • dr. giraud

    PORKY AND DAFFY: Now I’m gonna have the voice of the fight referee in my head all afternoon. “Dah-fee … Dah-fee … whare’s Dah-fee?”

  • Rooniman

    If only I lived in California… Oh well, LET THE BEATINGS BEGIN!!

  • Pez

    which toons did you show? I missed it :(

  • Joe

    When are we gonna get an East Coast home for all these archival screenings?!!