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Cartoons at the Academy

I previously posted about the Academy’s upcoming Monday night series of 1939 Oscar nominees (May 18th through August 3rd). With each film the Academy will screen a short subject and a Buck Rogers serial chapter. Here’s the cartoons that will run with each feature:

Stagecoach – June 1 – THE FILM FAN (Porky Pig)
Wuthering Heights – June 8 – THE POINTER (nominee) (Mickey & Pluto)
Gunga Din – June 12 – MUGS WITH DIRTY THUGS (Tex Avery)
Dark Victory – June 15 – DANGEROUS DAN MCFOO (Tex Avery)
Love Affair – June 22 – DETOURING AMERICA (nominee) (Tex Avery)
Goodbye Mr. Chips – June 29 – PEACE ON EARTH (nominee) (MGM)
Ninotchka – July 13 – THE AUTOGRAPH HOUND (Donald Duck)
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington – July 20 – SCRAPPY’S ADDED ATTRACTION (Columbia)
The Wizard Of Oz August 3 – THE UGLY DUCKLING – (Oscar winner) (Silly Symphony)

For Of Mice and Men (July 27th) they are running an Our Gang live-action short Dog Daze instead of a cartoon short. Gone with the Wind (May 18th) will have no cartoon due to length of feature.

The series ticket is $25. for all ten films (averages out to $2.50 per screening). For more information on this series check the Academy website.

  • Eleven Best Picture nominees! Either Oscar was very generous back then or they just made better pictures all around.

    I wonder what Oscar night would be like with a teleprompter-disadvantaged celebrity trying to read a list that long including all the producers’ names.

  • Seeing the shorts on the big screen allongside some of the best features ever could have been great. Unfortunatley i’m probably not going to be on vacation in California this Summer again.

    “Ugly Duckling” with “Wizard of Oz” could have been great.

  • Jody Morgan

    Eleven Best Picture nominees! Either Oscar was very generous back then or they just made better pictures all around.

    Ten, actually; Gunga Din was nominated only for “Best Cinematography, Black-and-White” (which probably explains why it’s being shown on Friday, not Monday). And it’s some of both: Academy rules for the number of nominees allowed were apparently more flexible then, and 1939 is pretty much the consensus Greatest Year Ever for movies.

    And I may be alone in this opinion, but I really think that of Tex’s 1939 cartoons, “Hamateur Night” should’ve been nominated over “Detouring America” (or even over “Thugs with Dirty Mugs”).

  • uncle wayne

    and, ironically, “Dog Daze” is the last Our Gang film made….with its (surprize) ending having live-action dogs [with animated mouths.]

  • Larson E. Whipsnade

    Dear Mr. Beck,

    Regarding the Academy screenings. The cartoon being screened before Gunga Din is of course Avery’s “Thugs With Dirty Mugs” (not MUGS WITH DIRTY THUGS); a wonderful send up of Warners’ “Angels With Dirty Faces.”

  • That film still you have on this post is so gorgeous I can’t stop staring! Too bad the two films I really wanted to see, Wizard of Oz, and Gone with the Wind, are already sold out! Maybe I’ll see Mr. Smith Goes to Washington ;)