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Cartoons in Cinemascope

Next Tuesday, at my usual monthly screening at The Silent Movie Theater, I’ll be running a great selection of 1950s cartoons in widescreen CinemaScope. I will be showing rare 35mm and 16mm prints – many in Technicolor. Among the titles being screened will be Ward Kimball’s Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom and the Donald Duck Grand CanyonScope from Disney, Tom & Jerry and Droopy cartoons from MGM, Mr. Magoo and Gerald McBoing Boing from UPA, and a slew of rare Terrytoons, including Flebus, Dinky Duck in It’s A Living, and many others including R.O. Blechman’s Juggler Of Our Lady (narrated by Boris Karloff).

Join us at 8pm, 611 N. Faifax Avenue (one block south of Melrose) in Hollywood. For more information or to reserve tickets check the CineFamily website – or join our Facebook page.

  • Bummer! I live in Amsterdam…would’ve LOVED to attend..have fun!

  • Kristjan

    Bummer! I live in Iceland…but how long is such screening 1-2 hours?

  • Bummer! I live in Chicago. This sounds like a great screening.

  • Brad Constantine

    Bummer! I live in San Diego…well…not quite as far as Iceland…but still can’t make it!! More power to you Jerry for sharing these gems with the public!! You continue to do Animation proud!

  • Joel Brinkerhoff

    I’m old enough to have seen “Juggler Of Our Lady” in it’s CinemaScope format. I was a child but it was profoundly moving and the memory has stayed with me all these years and is a film I would love to see again.

  • Angry Anim

    Bummer! I live in Los Angeles… OH WAIT–

    Grand CanyonScope and Toot Whistle are two of the most amazing shorts ever done. Very cool.

  • R.J. Laaksonen

    Is the CinemaScope version of Toot Whistle Plunk available on DVD?

  • These are my FAVORITES of all time!!

  • R.J. Laaksonen:

    “Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom” was included as a bonus feature on the original release of Fantasia 2000 and also appeared on Walt Disney Treasures: Disney Rarities (although not in an Anamorphic format) :(

  • Robert Schaad

    Gotta say..that sounds like a great program. NYC, anytime soon?

  • R.J. Laaksonsen: Yes, we will be screening a 35mm Scope print of TOOT WHISTLE PLUNK AND BOOM. We are getting it from Disney.

  • Gah, I wish I knew about these events in advance so I could make trips to the States coincide! To see these cartoons on prints would be mind-blowing.

  • How about a trip over to the UK?