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Celebrate 80s Pop Culture in Philly

The Autumn Society of Philadelphia is curating an art gallery show in June for the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters and other 80s pop culture icons (animation, video games, and movies). The exhibition will go on display at the beginning of June and it will be up for the entire month at Brave New Worlds Comics in Philadelphia. Local artist Chogrin (who contributes the Transformer’s piece below) says, “animators and cartoonists from the industry will also be making guest apperances on the show. The show will have a total of 50+ pieces, all by different artists from the Autumn Society.” The Ghostbusters piece above is by Dave Perillo. Brave New Worlds Comics is located at 45 N. 2nd Street in Philadelphia, Pa.

Chogrin will be compiling another show based on the Golden Age of animation and comics in July, with Bob Mcknight, and Oscar Grillo already on board. He sent us samples from that show (below) including a realistic Betty Boop is by Jessica Tommassello and Donny the Mouse by Oscar Grillo.

  • Just saw the Ghostbusters piece on Tumblr yesterday so I will definitely be checking out this event in a month’s time. Thanks for the tip Jerry!

  • For anyone in the Pittsburgh area:
    Right now, an exhibit called “Animation (Before Computers)” is running at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It’s hosted by the ToonSeum – which somehow remained completely invisible to me until about a month ago. The ToonSeum’s blog describes the exhibit as, “Featuring original animation art and artifacts going back the early 1900’s including an original Gertie the Dinosaur production sketch!”
    I know that Nina Paley will be speaking at a reception this Saturday, at the Gypsy Cafe on the South Side of Pittsburgh. I personally won’t be able to attend, though I’m planning on going to her screening of Sita Sings the Blues that evening.

    I haven’t actually visited the exhibit yet, but you can read more about it here:

  • Shmorky

    There needs to be more animation and cartoon stuff going on in Philly.

  • Thanks Jerry!

  • Finally!!! Something great near me :).

  • Some Guy


  • Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop were from the eighties? Maybe if Who Framed Roger Rabbit was the first cartoon you ever saw.

    The Ghostbusters piece is adorable.

  • Brian D. Scott

    I love the be-bop styling of the Ghostbusters piece! Even the coloring suggests the 50s!

  • GameOverGirl

    i cant wait!

  • This is some pretty cool stuff. Love seeing other people’s creations out of their element, as it were.

  • Jay Kormann

    I might have to go check this out. Considering that it only takes about a half hour to get to Philly from my house, how can I not?

  • Interesting that this store is right across the street from The Arden Theatre, which is now presenting Bruce Graham’s “Something Intangible,” a highly entertaining play loosely based on the lives of Walt and Roy Disney. It runs through June 7.

    You can read my review at .

    P.S. The link to Brave New Worlds Comics doesn’t work. Instead of , it should be (note the single “www” and the two W’s in “newworlds”).