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If you are wondering where I am this weekend – I’m hanging out all day and night at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, attending the annual Cinecon convention. Cinecon is essentially a non-stop schedule of screenings of classic Hollywood films – from 1914 through the mid-50s, new restorations of mostly obscure films, projected in 35mm, from 9am to midnight for four days. Highlights include several films with Shemp Howard, the final chapters of The Iron Claw, and the rare Krazy Kat cartoon, Southern Exposure. Complete schedule here.

Also on the program, a rare theatrical showing of Crazy House, Olsen and Johnson’s zany follow-up to Hellzapoppin’. Someone posted the first five minutes of this film on You Tube. Check it out and you’ll have an idea of how bizarre this film is. And what kind of films I’ll be seeing this weekend.

  • Tony

    That video was one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

  • Poll Parrott

    What, no mention of Charley Chase-the lost Disney brother(well, he looks like it)? He’s the best thing on the schedule!

  • Greg Hilbrich

    How I wish I was there!!! 3 rare Columbia two-reelers on the bill!!! THE AWFUL GOOF with Chase, OFF AGAIN ON AGAIN with Shemp (a remake of the Chase short TIME OUT FOR TROUBLE) and the most curious, the Max Baer and Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom short ROOTIN TOOTIN TENDERFEET (a two-reel remake of Laurel and Hardy’s WAY OUT WEST).

  • Salmon P. Chase

    You’ll never see farce more expertly played than in the scenes between Ronald Colman and Vincent Price in “Champagne for Caesar.”

  • Bart

    Damn – I haven’t been to LA in over 3 years!! Wish I was there this weekend just to see the COLUMBIA shorts!!! I like Shemp’s solo shorts he did b4 rejoing the Stooges in ’46 (except for A HIT WITH A MISS – that one is just awful!)

  • Holmes! Have you heard?
    Yes, Olsen and Johnson are coming!

  • “Champagne For Caesar” is really genius for the reasons Salmon P. Chase names…in fact-(an animation aside here)-didn’t I read that Musker, Mattinson & Clements wanted Vincent Price for Rattigan based on that film? It’s a must see.

    One of the organizers of Cinecon is by trade a longtime Disney animation(dtv and tv) editor, Bob Birchard. He’s an authority of ultra-rare, early film.

    And don’t forget the admission price for the films includes access to the dealers’ rooms, where anyone who’s wanted to be able to browse all kinds of old movie photos and posters etc. will be in pig heaven. Beats Ebay.

  • *jealous*

    At least I’ve got a pirate DVD of Crazy House to keep me company…