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The local monthly Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles Comic Con has three great guests lined up for the May 4th show. Trixie herself, Corrine Orr, will make a rare west coast appearance to sign autographs and answer questions. I’m a big fan of Orr’s voice – she was in Speed Racer, Marine Boy, Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero and hundreds of Japanese monster movies. That’s her doing the female voices in Ralph Bakshi’s Marvin Digs.

She will be joined at the con by two other pop culture legends: Art Clokey, creator of Gumby and producer of Davey & Goliath, and Stan Lee creator of… Do I really have to tell you?

Nuff said! For more info on tickets and hours, check the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction website.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’m just curious. Is Ms. Orr aware of Cartoon Dump?

  • Pedro Nakama

    I’ve heard that Corrine Orr can open her mouth and keep it in one position and an entire sentence comes out!

  • Art Clokey is still alive!?

  • Corrine Orr is a true gem and someone who deserves a lot more
    recognition . I worked with her on several different occasions and she was just plain great.

    Plus, she left a message on my answering machine as Smurfette.

    May have been the greatest thirty-seconds of my life.