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CONTEST #2: Waltz With Bashir

This is the second of two contests today. The prize for this contest are two tickets to Ari Folman’s animated feature Waltz With Bashir. Prizes will only be awarded to contestants who can actually use the passes. Please only enter if you can attend the AFI Fest at the ArcLight Cinemas at Hollywood & Vine (the screening will be held on Friday night, Nov. 7th at 7pm).

Contest Question: Sony Pictures Classics is releasing Waltz With Bashir on December 25th. Last year Sony Classics release Persepolis (which was nominated for an Academy Award). In 2003 Sony Classics released what film (also nominated for an Academy Award)?

UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED! Answer and Winners in the comments link below.

  • Anne w

    Er…*thinks* was it The Triplets of Belleville?

  • Aaron B

    The Triplets of Bellville was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Orginal Song. I guarantee I can attend the screening because my birthday is the 8th and I took the entire weekend off of work!

  • Winged Migration, and yes I will be able to attend friday Nov. 7th!

  • I like to draw

    Triplets of belleville

  • Aaron B

    btw, I think you meant Sunset and Vine

  • ahmed

    It was the triplets of belleville, and yes i can attend

  • Aaron – you are right, I mean Sunset and Vine. My bad.

    Anne, Aaron and I LIKE TO DRAW. You guys won the tickets.