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CONTEST: Ottawa Animation Festival Passes

Contest time! We are giving away TWO all-access AnimaPasses (each valued at $200) to next week’s Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Seeing as how its election season, we’re presenting a politically-flavored photo caption contest. The winners will be the two people who provide the funniest and most Brew-worthy captions (as deemed by Jerry and Amid) for this meeting of the minds from the late-’70s. A few important notes: Please enter a caption below ONLY if you’re planning on attending the festival. ONE entry per person. Contest ends on Thursday evening at 11:59pm EST.

Jimmy Carter and Mickey Mouse
  • “Hail to the cheese!”

    But I can’t go to the festival.

  • Alezio

    One day kids aren’t really going to give much of a crap about either of us.

  • Alezio

    Costumed Mickey Mouse impersonator, Donald Rembumeulot of Orlando, FL, learns the terrible secret about his morally inculpable commander and chief and the long standing secret cabal of well connected furries that have been running this country since Benjamin Franklin’s time. He felt the world’s floor blow out beneath his feet as President Carter slid a hotel key in his valor vest pocket and intoned softly into Don’s black mesh seeing hole…”Yiff yiff…grrr?”

    Did he dare visit Mr. Carter’s hotel room that night? Did he follow the rabbit hole any farther down? Was he being set up to bespoil the reputation of the real Jimmy carter by a CIA clone?

  • Ron

    Here is a famous photo from the 1978 Camp David summit showing Jimmy Carter informing Mickey Mouse that he has to give “Adventureland” back to Egypt. Mickey is obviously in shock as Anwar Sadat (pictured over Carter’s shoulder) looks on.

  • Animation Pimp

    “Does this smell like shit to you?”

  • Jayster

    “Don’t worry, I won’t tell them they’re not allowed in DisneyWorld.”

  • Chuck Davis

    “Reparation for SONG OF THE SOUTH, eh!? lol. Yeah, this is quite a laughing place!” – President Jimmy Carter

  • President Carter to Mickey: Can we get these kids to sing “Who’s the leader of the pack thats made for you and me J-I-M-M-Y C-A-R-T-E-R” or at least some hats that look like my head?

  • Carter: “Please don’t tell the taxpayers this visit came out of their pockets. You sure don’t work for peanuts!”

  • I’m not going to the Festival. BUT:

    “Are you sure THIS is going to fool the Iranians, Mr. President?”

  • Keith Paynter

    “You want me to extend copyright on Steamboat Willy? Show me where you’ve stored Walt and we’ll talk!”

    I’m in Canada, but can’t get away…sucks…

  • Roberto

    “Et Tu, Mickey…?!”

  • Eatyoveggies

    Damn you! I told them to send Al Jolson instead!

  • George

    “I loved you in Clock Cleaners.”

  • I hope this doesn’t offend anyone.

    “Just between you and me, SONG OF THE SOUTH was a damn good film.”

  • Fred Sparrman

    Not attending the festival, but howsabout:

    “Sorry Mickey, I’ve got to run with Mondale on my ticket again. Folks would never vote for a Hollywood type like you.”

  • Lanfield

    Mickey: After you leave office, you’ll get to vertify that there’s no tampering at the polls in every country but this one.

  • Tom Pope

    “Your fourth finger’s showing.”

  • Chris Hatfield

    “Mickey don’t be alarmed but I have Uncle Walt frozen in my basement. He makes for tasty cornmeal.”

  • Atul

    “I OWN YOU”

    Looking forward for my 2nd Festival.

  • Obama

    I DONT want to go but..
    “Hey Mickey, this kid over here named “Obama” wants my job, HA!”

  • Peanut Factory

    “Call Security Mickey, one of these kids just stole my wallet”

  • Artisticulated

    “Uh Mickey? I’m, ah, not so sure this is the, ah, appropriate venue for “whiteface”.

  • Bobby D.

    I’m soooo tempted…but, the word ONLY is stopping me from submitting my sure-to-win, caption. It’s really good..seriously, really outstanding comedy…whew, just brilliant.

  • Jimmy Carter: ” I never met a dictator I didn’t like.”

  • John V

    “Its a pleasure to see someone in the White House bridging the political gap between we city mice and you country mice President Carter”

  • Victor

    Mickey to Carter:

    White House? This is the Mouse’s house Jim.

  • Craig

    “I’m gonna be re-elected in a landslide because people in the U.S. vote with their brains!”

  • Jimmy says: This isn’t exactly what I meant when I said, “I’d love to slip that rotten old Ayatollah a Mickey!”

  • Dan

    “Drill Baby, Drill!”

  • Lee Bird

    JIMMY “I was expecting your family to be, I dunno……different.”

  • Carter: “for a mutated mouse you’re a fertile old b_stard, i’ll give you that.”

    Can’t come, ‘less you wanna pay for a flight from NZ.

  • This is the rare tape of Billy Carter coming off of a 5 day binge, with no memory of how he got into a Mickey Mouse walk around costume from Disney World, and commandeered a busload of third graders from P.S.-178. It was this incident, where President Carter finally talked Billy into being the first patient at the then, soon to be opened Betty Ford Clinic.

  • Ryan Carell

    Sadly this is over, but here’s my caption anyway.

    “Sigh. You know, when these kids are our age, Metal Gear Awesome is going to pass for quality.”

  • MGH

    No… wrong studio. They are not here to audition for “Coonskin 2”!!!

  • Hmmm… I live less than a Kilometer from the OIAF! I’ll submit something tonight!

  • John A

    “I’m sorry, for a minute there I thought you were Walter Mondale”

  • Ryan… it ain’t over until 11:59pm EST tonight…

  • “I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times…. With you, Mickey, with you.”

    (Can’t go to the festival. Commenting just for fun.)

  • Ryan Carell

    At Stefan; I simply meant there were FAR superior comments to my own already posted, not that it was literally over. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Bry Bry

    Uh, Mickey? The crowd would like to have a little disccusion with about a certain centaur from a certain symphony in Fantasia

  • “Well it shore is nice to have someone ’round with a goofier smile and a more uhmewzin accent.”

  • R.A. MacNeil

    Mickey compliments Jimmy on his ability to make balloon animal “snakes”.

  • Carter: “That’s the tenth kid to call me Goofy!”

  • Manimator

    “Is it hot in here or just me?”

  • I’ll see if Habitat for Humanity can help rebuild the House of Mouse.

  • Sirkey

    Carter: “I think the gentleman behind me is really happy to see you.”

  • Kris

    “You’re on your own.”

  • Who won?

  • Dan

    Who won (x2)?