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Coraline artists at Gallery Nucleus

Gallery Nucleus is having an artist panel with some the artists who worked on Coraline. The recent Art-Of book on the film mainly highlights Tadahiro Uesugi for characters and background designs. This panel will represent several of the other key artists who worked on the film. They’ll be bringing samples of their work to show and will talk about their involvement on the new Henry Selick film.

The artists are as follows: Shannon Tindle, Shane Prigmore, Dan Krall, Chris Appelhans and Jon Klassen. Gallery Nucleus is in Alhambra, California. The event is at 2pm on Saturday February 7th – Admission: FREE! Check the gallery website for more information.

  • There’s absolutely no excuse for artists not being credited for their work. Having tracked down a number of artists recently, it’s not all that hard to do.

    Sadly, some publishers and editors are just not willing to take the time, or they simply don’t care.

  • I wondered why every single picture in the Coraline book appeared to be credited to Tadahiro.

    As a Portlander cheering for the home crowd, I am glad to hear that amends are being offered.

  • Wow, good for them! That’s very inspiring and encouraging to hear…perhaps a re-print or second edition of the original book could be considered in the near future. I haven’t seen the book yet but I’ve heard many complaints about the pictures being pixelated. Hard to believe that nobody stopped the presses and made an attempt to at least put high-quality photos inside….let alone also give credit to the artists.

  • According to their website, they’re charging $10 per person? Yeah, it looks like it’s not free. Not that I wouldn’t pay for this, but it would be nice to have this clarified? Thanks :)

  • a reader

    Does the book not include their work, or misattribute it? Either way it’s incredibly dismaying.

    All of the above-mentioned people(including Tadahiro of course) are truly amazing. I can’t wait t see their film.

  • Chris T.

    The book only has Tadahiro’s art in it, which is why the other artists aren’t mentioned.

    Also this Saturday is the opening of the Art of Coraline exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. It’s mostly character design work but almost all the artists who worked on Coraline have at least one or two pieces in it. Check it out if you live in the Bay area!

  • That is a truly inspiring list of artists! :)

    I’d LOVE to see that show at the Cartoon Art Museum!

  • I’m glad they are outspoken about it, but it’s nothing new is it?

  • Say, what happened to the other Coraline post, Jerry?

  • Ward – There is a press embargo on reviews and, although my other Coraline post wasn’t really a review, I was asked to remove it by the nice folks at Focus Features. It will return, intact with comments, on February 2nd.

  • From what I’m hearing that “review” might have been among the best promotions this movie has gotten.

  • That’s what I was thinking, OtherDan. Not really getting this ‘press embargo’ that studios put on reviewers. Wouldn’t they want pre-release buzz, especially on the internet? I don’t get it.

  • unbelievable that this kind of stuff still goes on.

    Shane also has a nice listing of credits on his blog.

  • Well, I checked out the art of book that was so controversial. And, I couldn’t find reference to the artists on this panel. So, I can see why they’re so upset about not being recognized for their work.

  • Update – I just found out that admission to this panel will be free. No charge!