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CTN Expo 2010 talkback

Here’s the man himself, Jean “Mobius” Giraud, drawing amidst the exhibit hall at the CTN Animation Expo in Burbank yesterday. I was there and had a blast. Like the San Diego Comic Con (but much, much smaller and devoted solely to animation) there was so many things happening at the same time, so many people to meet, so many panels to attend. Congratulations to Tina Price and her crew for putting on a second event that was bigger and better than the first. A true success and a much needed venue for inspiration and networking. Can’t wait for next year!

I caught up with so many friends, spoke to so many acquaintances, colleagues, artists, creators and met so many Brew readers, my voice imploded. So while I’m resting up and drinking hot tea with honey today, I thought I’d open it up to those who attended. What did you think? Have a good time? Let us know in the Comments below.

  • I had an absolute blast at CTN. I loved meeting all the artists and made a lot of great networking opportunities. The only reason these opportunities were the accessibility to these artists and people involved in the industry. This was because the convention was so small, but yet so humble and wouldn’t think twice of coming back next year. CTN!!

  • I flew out from Atlanta, GA based solely on the Brew recommendation. I had such an amazing time and met so many great people. I’ll definitely be going back next year. I did think it was strange that while the overflow rooms filled past capacity for feature director panels, the TV producer/creator panel was barely attended.

    • TV Animator

      “I did think it was strange that while the overflow rooms filled past capacity for feature director panels, the TV producer/creator panel was barely attended.”


  • Steve Gattuso

    Great stuff this year. All sorts of wonderful artists, interesting events, and great people. I hope they can find a bigger venue for it, though. The place was packed and parking was at a premium.

    • My pals and I parked across the street from the hotel near the Mcdonald’s all 3 days. Perhaps next year, if CTN is at the same venue, you can do the same Steve?

  • i didn’t get to experience the whole thing like i did last year…
    but what i did see i totally enjoyed.
    i wrote about it over here:

  • It was like the San Diego Con on steroids. I had a fantastic time. Can’t wait until next year.

  • I loved it! First time there and I had a lot of fun. The panels were great, especially the Tangled panel with all the animation tests.

  • Mark R.

    it was amazing! So many talented people there!

    My only gripe is I wish it was in a bigger venue so that all of the booths – both professional and independent, were in one room together and a place that can accommodate parking!

  • Bob Foster

    What a terrific event. You could actually talk to people! It was a little crowded at times, but it was always comfortable and friendly. It was a great opportunity to meet people you wanted to meet, whether it was an artist, a writer, a publisher, a talented student, old friends, or, in my case, all of the above. The relatively intimate venue (compared to Comic Con) was wonderful. Of course I sat at The Animation Guild table where I could actually engage in leisurely conversations with people who had good questions and, to satisfy my curiosity, good answers. It was like a huge family reunion. Thanks Tina Price and her great staff for an outstanding Expo!

  • It was a great event on a dozen different levels! I just wrote up some of my thought here. On Saturday, I thought it needed a bigger venue, but by Sunday I changed my mind, and I hope it stays in Burbank.

  • Paul N

    Bigger than last year, absolutely. Better? Not so sure. Seemed much more organized and flowed better last year. There were AV issues on both Friday and Saturday – Friday I can understand, but they should have been sorted out before Saturday. Panels started late or got shuffled around without any efficient way to notify people, so some that were high on the “must see” list got missed.

    Liked the “fast pass” approach to seating at the panels, but it would have been nice for SOMEONE to go through the wait line, count off however many seats were still available, and tell everyone beyond that point to head to the overflow room or to another panel. Big chunks of time were wasted waiting in line for presentations that there was no chance of getting into.

    Would I go again next year? Absolutely!

    • Paul – I personally want to thank you for your participation and support in the recent CTNX 2010 and apologize for the unfortunate occurrence on opening day. In honor of the Mayor of Burbank I held the attendees outside for the official ribbon cutting by the Mayor. This was a very exciting moment for the eXpo but unfortunately I created a self imposed bottle neck at registration by holding attendees at the door. Having been made aware of the lines our team started registering and banding attendees immediately while they were in line but unfortunately many did miss your presentation.With registration intended to initially open at 10am giving attendees plenty of time to get to their first panel at noon the ribbon cutting ceremony, not deliberately, did cause many to not only “not” get in the building until 1pm or later but to also miss your panel. This also caused technical problems as panelists did not have time to pre-check their equipment.

      To make this up to both you and the other attendees who were victims of this glitch I would like to invite you to participate in a CTN satellite series event when those early presenters will re-present to those who either missed the presentation or the eXpo completely or would like to see it again or maybe see it for the first time.

      I hope you will accept my apology and my invitation and you will be hearing about the “repeat performances” after the holidays.

      Thank you again for your support and mark your calendar for Nov 18-21, CTNX 2011

  • I went last year and this year and think the expo is agreat opportunity to really enjoy the art of animation and attend some great panels. It was way too crowded and difficult to get into panels this year. This is understandable as a new event that grew so quickly. Perhaps next year we could have tvs with the presentations running on them live for those who are ok with just watching them without standing in line etc.

  • Keith Krail

    This was my first time attending CTN, and needless to say I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. It was such a relief to be able to attend an event where animation is the primary focus as well as having the opportunity to meet so many different people within the industry. Sure there were a few issues with some of the panels, but given the turn out it was probably to be expected. I am looking forward to see what they bring to the table for next year’s event!

  • Excellent just like last year, but yeah, this venue is bursting at the seams! Also, no WiFi?

    • Paul N

      There was WiFi; the reception was spotty though. I checked into my return flight on my iPod while standing in the lobby area.

      No WiFi in the hotel rooms though, unless you were willing to cough up some dough.

  • Gio

    The event was amazing and a lot of fun. However, next year needs more room and space for the panel attendees. There is not enough room especially after “fast passes” were created. Fast pass = 1st 100 ppl get in, free for all after that. Cant we just make it more spacious so everyone can get in?
    Highlights = Titmouse, Story of up with Ronnie, and Act I with story panelist. Q & A after was the best experience ever, you get a personal one on one almost with the panelist. Great great events, cant wait for better and more bad ass expo next year, with maybe a re-design of the flyers?? :D

    • Spencer

      Highlight= The story from the Titmouse talk about Snoop Dogg during Freaknik. Laughed so hard.

  • Spencer Morin

    I’m losing my voice as well! It was an amazing conference and the talk with Moebius was something I’ll never forget. Wish the schedule was a bit better organized so I didn’t have to miss so much, but there was always something awesome to encounter around the corner.

    This was the first time I ever went to an animation expo and I have to say that it was so endearing to know that there are thousands of toon heads like myself that are as enthusiastic as I am while being amazing people to boot. I wanna’ cry from how great a time I had here. Great work CTN.

  • It was an amazing show. There was always something to do and none of the panels felt like wasted time. On the contrary, they were all not only worthwhile but some I went to just to sit with a friend ended up applying to what I wanted to do in ways I could not have foreseen. The generosity of the industry folks was amazing. Registration was a little buggy at first, but things evened out. Amazing opportunities all around. And for a first-timer, to be able to have face time with industry pros and to get positive feedback was invaluable. Moebius, Uesugi and others made an astounding guest list.