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CTN Expo starts Friday

My buddy Oscar Grillo will be attending the CTN Expo this weekend. That alone will be worth the the trip from anywhere. Oscar is one of the most incredible artists and animators you’ll ever meet – and this is one of his rare appearances in the US. Learn from the master – he’ll be speaking on stage one-on-one with Eric Goldberg on Sunday (at 1pm) and doing demonstrations, signings and other workshops all through the weekend.

Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Ralph McQuarrie, Andrea Deja, Ron Clements, John Musker, Nancy Beiman, Tony White, William Stout, Stephen Silver, Bill Plympton, Florian Satzinger, Louie Del Carmen, Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers are among the dozens of incredible guests who will explain it all. With over 150 planned sessions, a sold-out exhibit floor, book signings, gallery shows, live demonstrations, sneak peak screenings, networking… and, of course, The Cartoon Brew Over-Flow Lounge (stop by and have a drink!). You’ll probably find me there.

If you haven’t already, Register Now (save a few bucks by using the Cartoon Brew discount code: CBREWX11). For even more info on the CTN Expo, click here.

  • See you there!

  • Why do they only hold these things in America. Bring it over to the UK. We need it more anyway.

    • You’re not that far from Annecy, I wish I lived close enough to that to get there inexpensively. But I will be at CTNX (not to taunt you with it).

      • You know how Expensive Eurostar is.

    • Steve Gattuso

      I’m with Mr. Segal. I’d give internal organs to live that close to Annecy. And Angoulême, too.

  • Frank Ziegler

    Looks amazing. Wish there were an East Coast version. Have fun !

  • Steve Gattuso

    See you Saturday, Jerry.

  • Law

    I read this blog almost daily and wouldn’t you know I JUST registered before I saw the discount code. Ah well, I hope to see some Brewers at CTN on Saturday.

  • Bob Harper

    See you Friday – this has definitely become my favorite CON, by far!

  • I’d like to personally thank Cartoon Brew for their continued support of CTN. Thanks to all the Brewsters that came out for the event. We’ll see you next year. ~Tina Price Founder of CTN