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CTN wrap up

One last post and a few more snaps from CTN yesterday:

Peter De Seve signs copies of his new book A Sketchy Past for a huge crowd. NOTE: Stuart Ng has Peter’s new book in stock and available NOW. Amazon won’t have it until March (and Ng’s copies have an exclusive signed illustrated bookplate).

Two kings of modern day good-girl art: Dean Yeagle and Bill Pressing

Jerry Beck and Lou Romano

The final day of the CTN event was as exciting as the first two. Everyone I spoke to agreed that this was a successful first effort and all praised Tina Price for creating such an artist friendly evironment. The whole thing felt less like a Comic Con and more like a party for cartoonists and animators – a great way to spend the weekend with old friends or making new contacts. I picked up a lot of sketchbooks, prints and art that I will write about in a separate post later this week.

  • Rufus

    Lou Romano rules.

  • Doug Nichols

    I also want to chime in to thank Tina for the truly phenomenal weekend. There are so many positive things to say. Great panels, great organization, great booths, but the thing I’m most happy about is the tremendous support from the industry. A whole bunch of the most talented folks in the LA area helped make it a superior event just by showing up and being accessible. I can’t believe how many students and others had opportunities to show portfolios to professionals in a super low key and supportive environment. Many thanks to Tina and her team. Count me in for next year. I suspect it’ll be bigger.

  • Robert Palmer

    I’d like to express my gratitude to Cartoon Brew and CTN for making it possible for me to attend this wonderful new event. In addition to the books and prints available, there were informative panel discussions and art demonstrations. It was also a great opportunity to get portfolio feedback and invaluable advice.

    I got the chance to meet Lou Romano, Bill Presing, and Peter De Seve (all fortuitously pictured above). I especially enjoyed the presentation and interview with Peter De Seve on Saturday. (Not only is he a superb illustrator, but he’s also a very funny guy).

    All in all, it made for a great trip. And I even found free parking. (Sorry, but I’m not telling you where!)

    Thanks again, Jerry. See you next year!

  • james madison

    Looks like a bunch of fun and learning between whole lot of engaging artist.

  • Sylvain

    That was a nice reminder for me to preorder that Peter De Seve art book :)

  • Tim Hodge

    I wish I could’ve been there, but plans change.

    Meanwhile, my hat is off to Chad Frye along with Tony & Tom Bancroft for all their hard work. I hope many folks got a chance to stop by their booth.

    I hope to attend next year!!

  • Grayson

    I so wish I was able to be at this event. I’m planning on moving out to the West Coast when I graduate from high school in 3 years. Would anyone like to mentor me when I come out there?

  • It was like ComicCon without the hassle. Plus, I didn’t go home broke. Thanks, Tina for a great Expo and a job well done.

    I found free parking as well. (not telling where either)

  • Steve Gattuso

    I also know where the free parking is, thanks to that site having been used in the past for numerous fannish conventions. And I’ll tell anyone. For a dollar.

  • Hey Jerry, it was really awesome talking with you and Mark Kausler at the CTN. It was great to geek out with so many like-minded people. I’d really like to make CTN an annual thing for me.

    Great work, Tina.