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Day 2 @ Comic Con


San Diego Comic Con Friday, 7.27.07, 9:15pm

I apologize for all the pix of me lately. Dan O’Shannon and his magical iPhone took these shots of yours truly (above), last night in Room CDEF, warning the packed crowd (below) that they were about to see the Worst Cartoons Ever. And they did.
  • Did you get the whole crowd exercising along with Mighty Mr. Titan? :)

  • Taber

    Woohoo! Right there in the center of the picture behind the guy in the green shirt! The panel was great by the way, excruciating and great.

  • Lauren

    I agree, the program was awesome! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I especially enjoyed the surreal stylings of Rocket Robin Hood. I came to this website out of curiosity and actually found myself in the picture above (standing at the left)! So, when can I inflict further brain damage by watching these cartoons again on Cartoon Brew Films?

  • Jorge Garrido

    Wait, you screened The Simpsons Movie at Comic Con? How’d you swing that one, Jerry?

  • Steven Howearth

    Thanks again Jerry for another crappy show. This is the 3rd year I have seen the show and is just keeps getting worse :). The best was when everyone in the crowd was waving there arms around with Titan. I chased Jerry down and purchased the first copy of the DVD of the show to put next to the last two shows on the DVD shelf.

  • I remember when you used to do those “Worst Cartoon” shows back at little ASIFA Hollywood, they were great, you had us all signing with Mighty Mr. Titan back then. I can’t imagine hundreds of people howling that theme at Comicon. Sounds Classic to me!

  • joecab

    Darn I wish I could have made it this year. Jerry, are you gonna be offering the DVD again by mail?

  • Richard

    Once again you brought a great show to San Diego.
    The only problem was at the end when you were mobbed for the dvds.
    Next time you should have a little more organization. A table or two would make purchasing a little easier for your fans.

    Loved, as usual, the “Worst Cartoons.”
    I have to disagree with you on the “Mighty Mr. Titan” however. For the time it was made (cold war era), and the market it was made for (independent stations and morning kid shows) it filled a need.

    As for the dog detective . . . I am so far from PC I can’t spell it, and even I was embarrassed.

    Keep up the good work.

  • John Tebbel

    I discovered I’ve led a charmed life: I’d never seen any of those dogs before. Nobody does it better.

    The following Spike and Mike “gauntlet” show was a hoot, too.

  • DanO

    Wow! Is that Holden Caulfield in the crowd shot?

  • Fantastic panel Jerry! Hey if you look in the bottom photo of the crowd to the far right, the guy with the bright orange hat and overalls was awesome! I think he did a dance or something……

  • Steve Gattuso

    “Did you get the whole crowd exercising along with Mighty Mr. Titan? :)”

    No that was me and my friend Jon Reeves. :D

    “For the time it was made (cold war era), and the market it was made for (independent stations and morning kid shows) it filled a need.”

    The problem is, it filled a need so badly that it would have been better not to have tried at all. I showed a few of these to a friend of mine in physical therapy, and her response was that people would do themselves serious injury if they tried to emulate most of the exercises as they were depicted in the cartoon, mostly because of improper stance.

    Catchy theme song, though…

  • I had NO idea the hall was so big or so PACKED. Totally killed any chance of finding the people I’d planned to meet there.
    I was up the back, but loved it.

    I SWEAR I remember watching Johnny Cypher when I was a kid, the theme music triggered an instant flashback :)

    And ditto my disappointment in the rush for the DVDs. I’d have bought one had the crowd not been so big.

    I know this is a popular repeat Con event, but has the idea of a Cartoon Brew booth ever entered the equation?

  • don

    thanks for suffering through some of the worst so that the evening could be the best…my son attended and had, as promised, the most craptacular time.

  • Jerry, my brother and I brought the previous two years’ DVDs to our hotel room and subjected all our friends to them on Thursday night. They weren’t so sure about attending this year’s show but after seeing the DVDs well, they were all converted. My eyesight is poor so I won’t try to see if we’re in that photo, but rest assured we were all there, singing along with every theme song we knew. I was disappointed we didn’t get the next installment of Sir Gee Whiz (Senior Ropo nooooooooooooo!) but the new additions more than made up for it. We were among those who mobbed you for the DVDs (and I was the one who asked about a 2004 DVD, I still have to find out where the person who claims to have one got it).

    Next year, one of my friends wants to come as Jerry from Super President. I’ll at least wear a t-shirt with the Mighty Mister Titan logo.