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Don Hertzfeldt Nationwide Tour

Don Hertzfeldt

Don Hertzfeldt has just completed his latest short, I Am So Proud of You. It’s his longest work to date, and to celebrate he’s going on a 16-city US tour this fall. During these events, he’ll screen the new short, as well as show some of his older films and speak with audiences. Below is the list of cities he’ll be appearing in. More details on his site
Don Hertzfeldt

  • GOD, I love living in New York! Looking forward to it…

  • Jim K

    I’d like to attend, but…


  • John

    Dang… is he still drawing and shooting all his stuff without using any digital tools!? If so, those shots are freakin jaw-dropping!

    Thanks for the alert, I’m very tempted to make the drive out to Austin for this :-)

  • Yay! Something posted on the Brew I’m actually able to attend!

    Looking forward to it. Oh, and I love his “embarrassing interviews,” although I feel his pain.

  • ted

    No Vancouver?!! Ah Don, you’re right there! Just jump on up! It’s totally worth the trip. Vancouver love Hertzfeldt!

  • I guess he never finished production on “Hanging chad”…

  • sweetness. hertzfeldt is one of my absolute heroes of contemporary animation: truly distinct vision, makes films I love, makes films you wont see anyone else making.

  • I’m greatly looking forward to the talented Mr. Hertzfeldt completing his shortest work to date.

  • Jim K’s Bleeding Anus

    I would attend but Jim keeps mentioning me in public.

  • richard fox

    When I discovered Don H. it was a happy day
    for me. I posted him on the animation software
    support site I frequent and no one seemed to
    appreciate him.

  • Fantastic. Hopefully a DVD or some sort of release for us non-American Hertzfeldt fans isn’t too far off. Looks like he’s incorporating some interesting visuals along with his trademark lineart characters. I wonder if he did all that in his usual practical/traditional methods only or if there’s some digital compositing going on…

  • Self correction: looks like Don did similiar effects in The Meaning Of Life and Everything Will Be OK. I have to admit I haven’t seen those yet. I was meaning to order them on DVD, but now I think I’ll wait for the next Don DVD collection.

  • I’m so excited about this!

    Karl Sigler (our ASIFA-Atlanta screening coordinator) and I have been working hard to find a cinema for the Atlanta date, and Karl just got confirmation from Midtown Art Cinema. Woo hoo!