Don Hertzfeldt Wins at Platform Don Hertzfeldt Wins at Platform

Don Hertzfeldt Wins at Platform

The awards ceremony of the Platform festival had some pretty funny moments, one of the funnier being Don Hertzfeldt‘s acceptance speech after winning the prize for “Best Film Under $5000.” Check out what happened during his speech. The award presenter is Marv Newland.

  • derick

    does anyone else reckon it’s Don Hertzfeldt’s name moreso than his work that wins him his awards the majority of the time? just putting it out there!

  • amid

    Don has earned his name and rep by producing some of the most consistently original and interesting work in the US animation scene. I’ve got a review coming up of his recent dvd of shorts where I’ll offer some more indepth thoughts on why I enjoy his work so much.

  • Micah Baker

    What Amid said.

    He’s really grown as an animator. How can a boiling stick figure actually display angst and concern for its health? It’s subtle and I think part of the magic is Don meeting the audience half way with us supplying a bit of feeling. It was tender and introspective. There was also plenty of Don’s casually delivered razor-blade laughs and observations…

    Without trying to write a review: He’s grown. When Amid’s review of the tenth anniversary disc comes out I’m sure he’ll address that. And that growth deserves reward.

    Though I’ll say that ending was a little at odds with me. I did enjoy it and I think it’s about the persistence of living. That life moves on and we either work the current or we are swept away in it.

    Only Don would have broken the trophy I think. It just seems like something he would have happen in his cartoons. Thanks for posting that and letting me relive that!

  • derick

    cool, looking forward to that

  • Funny stuff, thanks for sharing it. Congratulations to Don. I’m looking forward to that review, Amid.

  • Ellen

    Poor Don! He had to scuttle away quickly after he broke that thing.

    Anyway congrats….Everthing Will Be Okay really depicted a mental breakdown and for that Don deserves endless amounts of praise and awards.

  • I remember being in the audience at the World Animation Celebration back around 1998 when “Ah, L’amour” was shown. No one had seen it before, no one knew his name, and he still won an award.

    I don’t think any audience has ever been convulsed in laughter like that audience was.

  • RR

    Love, love, love him. Don’s the only animator whose new short films I look forward to as much as a new movie from someone like Spielberg or Scorsese.

    He’s been posting production pics in his blog of “EVerything will be Okay” Part Two , or whatever it’ll end up being called. It’s looking just as amazing & poetic.

  • RR

    I found another funny video of Don answering questions at Sundance
    (That’s Joanna Quinn smiling in the background):

  • Don’s films are just fun to watch. I’d give him an award if I had one to hand out.

  • David

    I believe Shane Acker (“9”) is the animator in question mentioned in the beginning of the speech. Go UCLA!