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DrawnCon Animation Convention is Coming to New England

If you’re like us, then you probably didn’t think you needed another pop culture convention to choose from? Well, that was before we heard about DrawnCon, a brand new convention created especially for the creators and fans of Western animation. Coming to the Nashua Radisson Hotel on November 2 and 3, it will focus on the current crop of popular animated shows on TV and online—My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Bravest Warriors, Gravity Falls, Young Justice, and the like:

“From the Saturday morning cartoons you remember as a kid, to modern favorites like Adventure Time and Archer, Western animation is undeniably one of the most popular and commercially successful genres in the North American market. The question of what makes it so successful, however, stems from a number of points—the accessibility; the dedication of the content creators; the vast amount of material available – it’s impossible to pigeonhole.”

The grassroots event will feature everything you’ve come to expect and love from organized gatherings of its kind, including animation culture roundtables, costume contests, special guests including Bravest Warriors character designer Bob Flynn and Emmy-nominated voice actor Jessica DiCicco (Adventure Time, Pound Puppies, Gravity Falls) and events like the DrawnConcert, a Saturday night rave featuring DJ Alex S., DJ Calcos, and Exploding Heart Technique.

Tickets can be pre-ordered on the DrawnCon website ($45 for adults and free for children under 13) and visit the official DrawnCon Facebook and Twitter pages for event updates.

  • Scope

    “If you’re like us, than you probably didn’t think…” ‘Than’ should be ‘then.’

  • Megan

    I really agree with this! To put up an imaginary wall between “western” and “eastern animation – why try to divide our community? Animation is animation – it’s all art, and it all has merit. Artists should stand together as one community and support each other.

    • TrottyP

      They’re just different styles. You wouldn’t accuse a Chinese restaurant of putting a divide in the food community.

      There’s already a ton of conventions that focus on anime. This is the first one I’ve seen in New England that focuses on the type of shows you’d find on Cartoon Network.

      • TheGreatWormSpirit

        Those “Anime” conventions have long since stopped being solely about Japanese animation. Plenty of them have people running around dressed as Adventure Time, Marvel, Homestuck, and Dr. Who characters who don’t even watch the stuff. They even have fan panels about Avatar and My Little Pony.

        Anime conventions, with a few exceptions, bend over backwards to cater all kinds of fan bases but Japanese comics and animation have always had a hard time at places like SDCC or other types of fan conventions. DrawnCon’s Western Animation focus isn’t anything new in that regard.

        • TrottyP

          SDCC is super expensive and on the other side of the country. I can’t find any other cons that have had an Adventure Time panel, or a Gravity Falls panel. As someone who lives on the east coast I can honestly tell you, I really feel the need for more of this kind of content.

  • Lulu

    Sounds great, but New England? It’s not like the entire “Western” animation industry is on the West coast or anything… Would totally go if this wasn’t across the country.

    • Jon Werewoof Korte

      You are living in a world with the possibility of change, no?

    • Henry Cohn

      You get enough of these; I live in Scotland where there is much less. Besides, people often have exhibitions and suchlike about stuff made in a far away, exotic land. When you get an exhibition on Venetian painting in the renaissance in San Francisco, ppl don’t complain ‘It’s not like the entire “Venetian” painting scene was in Venice or anything… would totally go if this was in Venice.’

  • Alex Dudley

    I always hoped that a more Western animation focused con would start up, and I’m happy it’s on the East coast. I’d love to go to it in the future!