DreamWorks Art Exhibit DreamWorks Art Exhibit

DreamWorks Artwork Is The Subject Of USC Gallery Exhibit

DreamWorks Animation has been in the news plenty lately. They released their first consumer app, acquired a huge library of classic animation properties and released the poster for Me and My Shadow, their first CG/hand-drawn hybrid film. Now, we hear about the studio’s first major exhibit of artwork from its films. The show, “DreamWorlds: Behind the Scenes, Production Art From DreamWorks Animation,” will open next Monday, July 30, at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts Gallery (Steven Spielberg Building, 900 West 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA).

The exhibit will feature artwork from the 24 animated features released under the DreamWorks Animation label, as well as a peek at the upcoming Rise of the Guardians. More from the press release:

The exhibition includes more than one hundred digital prints and approximately thirty traditional paintings and drawings on paper; two miniature sets; three character maquettes; two set pieces – an 8′ high Kung Fu Panda “Po” statue and the new Rise of the Guardians standee; and three media stations displaying animation tests, stereo footage, and the Rise of the Guardians trailer. There will also be a contemporary animation work station on display, with demonstrations given by current Hench-DADA students.

The show will be on display through September 7. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM, and Saturday, Aug 11, 9AM-5PM. (Closed Labor Day.)

  • Mapache

    That for sure sounds interesting. Wish I was there. I attended pixar’s simliar exhibit and it was so interesting to see how much a movie can evolve from concept art to the final product.

    Wait… 24 movies?

  • For what it’s worth, DreamWorks Animation is going to be in the news gain in another few weeks… Katzenberg has publicly commented that their new distribution agreement/partnership (with whomever) will be announced “no later than Labor Day.”

    Interesting times for DWA.

  • That should put paid to the cryers of ‘hack’ when it comes to the talent base at dreamworks. I bet it’s marvellous

    I know that desks are now called work stations (???). With that in mind I am guessing that a ‘media station’ is a telly… well, 3 tellys… probably big ones

  • Paul N

    Timed well for SIGGRAPH attendees. Looking forward to checking it out.

  • From my personal experience at Dreamworks, the comparison between ‘production art’ and the final screen product is approximately what ‘filet mignon’ is to ‘hot dog’. Some of the stuff that never sees the light is just amazing. Wish I could be there… But to all who can be : Go and enjoy, you’ll have a blast !

  • Sarah J

    Oh, this looks so great! Too bad I live in Texas, I’d LOVE to see this exhibit!

  • Matt

    One day they’ll simply be able to make illustrations into astounding full blown animation and all these amazing artists will be the $Big Stars$ and story tellers…